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Joint Replacement Rehabilitation Services

Looking for some help recovering from your joint replacement surgery? Bring your physiotherapist's referral with you and have a trainer supervise a carefully designed circuit that will strengthen (without overstressing) injured, arthritic or newly replaced joints and enhance overall fitness. Call Darrin Jones at 604-983-6406 for more information.

Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:00 - 3:00pm
Harry Jerome Rehab fitness centre

Supervised Rehabilitation Services

Dealing with osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, fibromyalgia? Recovering from a stroke rehab or preparing for a joint replacement? With a physiotherapy or doctor's referral, you can have a kinesiologist supervise an individually designed program aimed at enhancing your strength, stamina, circulation, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness.
Contact the fitness centre supervisor at the following facilities for more information:

Fitness Testing

Benchmark your health and fitness with a Health and Fitness Appraisal. Have one of our certified appraisers test for your general health and/or sport-specific goals. Re-testing is recommended at regular intervals to track your progress and re-assess your fitness goals.
Available at Parkgate, Ron Andrews, Karen Magnussen or Harry Jerome by appointment only.

Full Appraisal | $82.35 Members*

Pre-screen testing questionnaires, comprehensive body composition/anthropometrics analysis, aerobic capacity analysis, postural and musculoskeletal analysis. Includes a detailed report, consultation and program design.

Mini-Appraisal | $56.61 Members*

Partial body composition analysis, aerobic capacity analysis, postural screen and musculoskeletal testing. Includes a revised detailed report.

Aerobic Capacity Analysis | $30.88 Members*

Treadmill or step testing available with VO2 sub-maximal testing.

Musculoskeletal Analysis | $30.88 Members*

Inclusive of posture analysis, grip strength, upper extremity and lower extremity strength and endurance testing, power and flexibility testing.

Body Composition / Anthropometric Analysis | $25.73 Members*

Inclusive of 11 skin fold sites and 9 girth measures, body mass index and % lean body mass. Includes a detailed report.

Fitness Appraisal Consultation | $9.52 Members*

Have the results of your mini fitness appraisal or sub- appraisal tests applied toward goal setting and a results- oriented exercise program.

* Non-members pay a Fitness Drop-in fee in addition to the member cost for any Appraisal.

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