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Interested in becoming a fitness instructor or personal trainer?

North Vancouver Recreation & Culture recognizes BCRPA (British Columbia Parks & Recreation Association) and other certifications.

Here's how to get started with BCRPA certification:

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Prior to writing the Fitness Theory exam in Step 1, most Fitness Leader candidates enroll in a Fitness Theory course.

1. Create an Account on the Registry of Fitness Professionals
(All candidates for registration with the BCRPA must create an account on the Registry of Fitness Professionals. Go to to set up your account.)

2. Pass the NFLA Fitness Theory Examination ($80)
(To take the exam, log in to your new account on The Registry of Fitness Professionals and then click on the Manage Membership tab on the horizontal menu bar. After you pass the Fitness Theory Examination you will have one year from your Fitness Theory exam date to complete steps 3 and 4.)

3. Obtain CPR and First Aid Certification and record them in your account in the Registry (you may complete this step before writing the exam if you choose).

4. Register with the BCPRA in Fitness Theory ($95)

5. Choose a Specialty Module.

6. Complete all practicum and Instructor Competency Evalution (ICE) requirements for that Specialty Module.

7. Register with the BCRPA in your Specialty Module.

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