All yoga classes are registered programs. You can also drop in when space is available; however, we request that all drop-in participants have previous yoga experience as the classes are progressive. Call 604-983-6388 with the registration number to confirm availability.

Please bring your own mat to class.

Courses Offered

Select a program from the list below. You will be redirected to eReg, our online registration system, where you can browse our course descriptions. Have your Playcard and credit card handy to register!


Class Name Description Register
Ageless Yoga 55+ An all-levels Hatha style yoga class for active people 55 years and over. eReg
Beginner Yoga Rejuvenate your body and mind! Counteract the stresses placed on your body by daily activities. This class will gently tone, stretch and strengthen your entire body while releasing tension and restoring a sense of peace and tranquility to your being. eReg
Candlelight Yoga Relax your body and mind before bed. Counteract the stresses placed on your body by daily activities. This candlelight class will gently tone, stretch and strengthen your entire body while releasing tension and restoring a sense of peace and tranquility to our being. A wonderful way to end the day. All levels welcome. eReg
Chair Yoga For those who cannot or don't feel comforatble on the floor. Slow and gentle stretches either sitting on or using the chair for balance will help you maintain your range of motion, focus on breathing and ease tension. eReg
Gentle Yoga
All Ages
This class is designed for anyone who wants to relax muscles and relieve stiffness. Program participants will build strength, flexibility and balance in a relaxing welcoming environment. eReg
Gentle Yoga for Seniors This gentle seniors program is designed for beginners, and adapts Hatha yoga poses for all body types with Zen elements for focus and concentration. Improves balance, flexibility, core-stability, circulation and immunity. eReg
Hatha Yoga These classes offer an inspiring and relaxing form of yoga that flows through postures, using the breath for guidance, to strengthen, release, balance and energize the entire body. Proper alignment and modification of postures ensures a safe and enjoyable practice.
No previous yoga experience required however, the class may not be suitable for those with chronic joint problems.

Beginners & All Levels

Fitness Feldenkrais® Awareness Ease tension, improve posture, flexibility and balance, and learn to move with more fluidity. Kerrie Hart, registered physiotherapist and Feldenkrais practitioner, will guide you in exploring new ways to move which plae less strain on your body during everyday activities. Understand how your body works so you can havie it work better for you. For more information go to eReg
Flow Yoga This yoga class is designed to energize you. Using Sun Salutations, breath work, and postures to open your body, clear your mind, and strengthen, stretch, and balance your being - feel stronger, healthier, and refreshed. We will work at a moderately quick pace, so it is recommended to have some yoga experience. ereg
Okido Yoga Okido Yoga from Japan emphasizes the development of strength, flexibility, balance and relaxation through movement and poses. Okido yoga is based upon traditional Hatha Yoga postures and elevates the body's awareness through 'passively dynamic' movement. eReg
Pre-Natal Yoga A nurturing time for you to gently relax, release and attune to your body and the rapidly growing baby within. Postures, breath work and vocal toning are used to build confidence and promote relaxation, which brings calm and ease to the birthing process. eReg
Post-Natal Yoga Designed for mamas with babies from 6 weeks old up to crawling age. In this breath centred practice we will calm the nervous system; relaxing and restoring both body and mind. We will move through basic postures to help open up tight areas of the body, rebuild strength in the core and tone the pelvic floor. There will be opportunity to include baby in the practice while also meeting their needs throughout class. No yoga experience necessary. ereg
Preschool Yoga This class is for your little one to start the day with a fun and light yoga class. The benefits of yoga for children are numerous for both body and mind. Kids become more focused and calm and minds become more vibrant and alert. eReg
Real Men Do Yoga This hatha yoga class is designed specifically for men to increase range of movement and flexibility, strengthen core muscles and develop a relaxed physicality. A great class for cross-training or for anyone wanting to get into shape in a non-competitive atmosphere. eReg
Restorative Yoga Achieve deep relaxation with the aid of props and a sequence of specially designed postures which are held for 5 minutes with complete support allowing muscles to relax into place. This class is perfect for newcomers, and all levels are welcome.
Yoga Yin & Restore it! Yin & Restore it is the practice of long, passively held poses enhancing the natural range of motion in the joints. eReg
Yoga for Youth Yoga practice in a fun, inclusive environment. Hatha yoga and Zen exercises will challenge your limits of balance, strength and flexibility while encouraging concentration, positive thinking, self-esteem and self expression. The poses and exercises are also designed to build core strength to assist in cross training and other sports. eReg
Yoga for Families 6yrs & up Achieve a rounded yoga practice that includes posture, breathing and meditation. The program will review different classical Hatha poses at each session, serving as a base for home training or future yoga classes. eReg
Yoga: Mind & Body A community class welcoming students of all levels to cultivate a strong body, a powerful mind, and a peaceful heart. Moving dynamically with breath through flowing yoga postures and core body exercises, you will build whole body strength, unwind tight joints, and restore physical, mental and emotional balance. Please bring your own mat. eReg
Yoga Sport An athletic yoga & core conditioning class that provides cross training for seasonal sports. The class will focus on your balance, strength, coordination, flexibility and core stability. Small stability balls, weighted balls, and resistance bands will be incorporated. Please bring your own yoga mat. All levels welcome. eReg
Teen Yoga 12-18yrs Whether you're looking for a fun, relaxing way to exercise or an athlete looking to enhance your performance, yoga is perfect for you. This class will improve you posture, flexibility and strength wile learning to let go of stress and negative energy. eReg

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