Community Recreation Guide

Spring Summer Leisure Guide

2016 Spring / Summer Leisure Guide

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Registration for Spring programs begins on the following dates:

  1. Tennis Registration - March 2nd
  2. Aquatics Registration - March 8th
  3. General Regsitration - March 9th

Registration for Summer programs begins on the following dates:

  1. Aquatics Registration - May 17th
  2. Tennis & General Registration - May 18th
Sections from the Spring / Summer 2016 Leisure Guide Size
Access (PDF 717KB)
Aquatic Leadership (PDF 803KB)
Arts - Visual (PDF 970KB)
Arts - Performing (PDF 1.3MB )
Birthday Parties (PDF 953KB )
Camps (PDF 5MB )
Early Years (PDF 2.7MB )
Family (PDF 1.6MB)
First Aid & Babysitting Training (PDF 378KB)
Fitness (PDF 1.73MB)
General (PDF 406KB)
Martial Arts (PDF 654KB)
Seniors (PDF 1.1MB)
Skating (PDF 848KB)
Sports (PDF 2.6MB)
Swimming (PDF 3.7MB)
Tennis (PDF 1.3MB)
Youth (PDF 1.14MB)
Fall Winter Leisure Guide

Fall 2015 / Winter 2016 Leisure Guide

Registration for Fall / Winter programs begins on Wednesday, August 19th, at 7:00am.

View the Fall/Winter Leisure Guide online.

Sections from the Fall 2015 / Winter 2016 Leisure Guide File Size
Access (PDF 1.23MB)
Aquatic Leadership (PDF 1.17MB)
Arts (PDF 3.60MB )
Birthday Parties (PDF 772KB )
Camps (PDF 1.50MB )
Early Years (PDF 3.8MB )
Family (PDF 1.17KB)
First Aid & Babysitting Training (PDF 225KB)
Fitness (PDF 4.08MB)
General (PDF 875KB)
Martial Arts (PDF 1.10MB)
Seniors (PDF 1.62MB)
Skating (PDF 4.00MB)
Sports (PDF 2.00MB)
Swimming (PDF 6.53MB)
Tennis (PDF 1.64MB)
Youth (PDF 1.57MB)


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