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Recreation for all.... people with disabilities

Are you living with a disability and require continuous support in order to access recreation programs and services? The North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission has a great opportunity to share with you. When you participate at any North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission facility, your support person is admitted free of charge as long as they are there to assist you. Your support person can be an adult friend, sibling, volunteer or private Aide. When participating in our programs and services, please ask your support person to let the front desk staff know that they are ther to assist you.

Individuals requiring additional support while participating in programs and services are encouraged to contact the Volunteer Resources Programmer. Please call 604-983-6345 or email.

Does Your Child Need Extra Help to Participate in Our Summer Daycamps?

North Vancouver Recreation and Culture (NVRC) summer day camps welcome children with disabilities. Please make us aware of any disabilities or behavioural needs that may affect your child/youth's participation. To assist parents, three free Camp Support options may be available, on a first come, first served basis. Parents can apply to receive support for a maximum of one (1) week of full-day camp. To be eligible your child must:

  1. Receive three or more hours per week of SEA support during the school year
  2. Be 5 years of age or older and attending one week of school aged or youth full-day camp

1. NVRC Camp Support Leader

Funded by the City and District of North Vancouver, and a grant from Canada Summer Jobs, the NVRC Camp Support Leader is a post-secondary student with experience working with people with disabilities. Personal care or specialized support is not provided. Available to work with one (1) child/youth per week. For additional information please email us.

2. North Shore ConneXions Society Support

NVRC, North Shore ConneXions Society and the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) have partnered to support children/youth with developmental disabilities attending NVRC summer camps. North Shore ConneXions' Inclusion Workers are available to work with one (1) child/youth per week who meet the MCFD eligibility criteria. Personal care is not provided. For additional information please email

3. Volunteer Support

NVRC 'Buddies' are between the ages of 14-16 years and do not have specialized training. They are intended to provide minimal or light 1:1 support, assisting the child in the same manner as a friend would in school. Please make an appointment with Meh Najak, NVRC Volunteer Coordinator, before the June  2017 deadline, 604-983-6345 or email. Please note volunteer support is not guaranteed but is based upon volunteer interest and availability.

Please note we cannot guarantee support. 
Support is based on the resources available and on a first come first served basis.

Need Help Accessing Our Facilities?

View the features of our facilities that make it easier for those with disabilities to access our Community Recreation Centres.

Private Swim Lessons for Children with Autism

For more information, please call Kevin at 604-983-6542.

Youth Fitness

Participants with developmental or physical disabilities will be helped to design their own basic personal fitness program and learn how to use the Fitness Centre equipment safely. For more information, please contact Darrin Jones at 604-983-6406.

Individuals requiring 1:1 support are asked to  please provide their own Support Worker.

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