Ashifa S


Fitness Instructor 

“The only workout you're going to regret is the one you didn't have.”

Ashifa has been working with North Vancouver Recreation & Culture for over 10 years teaching a variety of high energy fitness classes including Step, Cardio-BOx, Bums & Tums, To the Core, Ball and sculpt and Zumba.  She loves leading an active, healthy lifestyle and enjoys working out herself.  Her passion for exercise led her to become an instructor and teach others.

What do you enjoy about teaching?
I love working with the community and meeting people of all ages.  I love the participants, and to see them smiling while working out. As instructors are classes are designed to accommodate all types of ages. It's nice to see seniors participate and not worry about the pace. They just have fun. 

What recreation and culture activities do you enjoy?
Hiking, biking and salsa dancing. 

What’s one of your favourite books, TV shows or movies?
My favorite book The Alchemist. 

What’s your favourite food or meal?
I love Mediterranean dishes