Heather F

Heather Fowler

Fitness Instructor

Inspiring People

Heather loves to teach and share her knowledge with her classes.  Previously in the interior design business, she has been working with NVRC for over 4 years  as both volunteer and employee.  She teaches TRX, Spin, Boot/Circuit and Stretch classes.

She is also committed to education and has earned her personal cycling and group training certificates along with completing many hours of continuing education programs. 

What inspired you to work with NVRC and become an instructor?
It's a great organization and the hours are flexible. I am a disciplined, self starter and really appreciate that the rec centre trusts me to come and do a great job.

What do you enjoy about teaching?
I love inspiring and making people feel better in their day and also with the quality of their lives in general.  Making them smile!

I’ve started teaching my stretch class the benefits of the foam roller and lacrosse balls for self myo-fascial relief and now a lot of my students are so enthused that they have bought their own rollers and do this exercise proactively on their own.  I feel I’m making a difference by inspiring people to go beyond the class and develop a less painful body to move with.

What recreation and culture activities do you enjoy?
Mountain biking, volunteering with my dog, hiking, camping, reading, creating art, cooking, travelling

What’s one of your favourite books, TV shows or movies?
Too many wonderful movies, books and shows to choose a favorite

What’s your favourite food or meal?
Sushi, Greek, Thai