Jacqueline J

Jacqueline Jarratt

Indoor Cycling, TRX, Yogafit, Group Circuit, & Senior Fitness Instructor

Committed to Inspiring Others

Known for her great music and excellent instruction in posture, technique and safety, Jacqueline is a popular instructor who leads many classes with NVRC.

For 12+ years, Jacqueline has been a personal trainer and group fitness/indoor cycling instructor. She has certifications in back rehabilitation, Twist Sport strength and conditioning, sport balance, Zumba, Indoor Cycling, Yogafit, TRX, older adult fitness and more. Her specialty is personal training with a focus on Core and functional training.  Prior to working with NVRC she owned and operated her own indoor cycling studio.

What inspired you to work with NVRC and become an instructor? 
I used to own my own Indoor Cycling studio and wanted to continue teaching Group fitness in my community when I decided to close it down.

What do you enjoy about teaching? 
I love inspiring others to be the best they can be in their life, when you are fit and healthy there are so many other aspects of your life that are affected in a positive way. The best reward for me is loving what I do and when clients tell me how happy they are.

What recreation and culture activities do you enjoy? 
I love teaching group fitness, I love dancing and reading and going to art shows. I absolutely love my children and my dog.

What’s one of your favourite books, TV shows or movies?
Any kind of detective show, action adventure and love stories, self help and medical shows.

What’s your favourite food or meal?
Sushi, Indian and Thai. Spicy.