COVID-19 Impact Update

NVRC is proud to have been able to provide funding in 2020 through the Arts & Culture Grants program to support the creative sector through some of the more immediate and difficult impacts of the Corona virus pandemic.

Moving forward, NVRC recognizes that the difficult times are not over and that the pandemic continues to have profound, ogoing impacts on the lives of artists, on their ability to work and on the capacity of local community groups and arts organizations to program in the usual ways.  We also recognize that the opportunity to engage in artistic and creative pursuits, especially as part of a shared community, continues to be an important part of a full and active lifestyle and an increasingly key ingredient in combatting the impacts of social isolation.

Arts & Culture Grants - Statement of Approach

All applications to the 2021 Arts & Culture Grants Program must be able to conform to Public Health Officer’s directives on public gatherings and physical distancing.

Having said that, NVRC understands that programming may be delivered in ways that may be very different than has typically or historically been the case; that may be changed in scope from previous years; or that may be subject to scheduling uncertainty pending the availability of artists or venues or other resources.  As part of an ogoing approach to continue to enable arts, cultural and heritage organizations to respond effectively to the impacts of the Covid pandemic, NVRC commits to exercise flexibility in supporting activities that are consistent with the purposes for which the funding is provided, provided the grant is used to cover eligible costs.

Covid Impact Update - Arts & Culture Sector in North Vancouver

(September 2020)  We are currently six months into the Covid pandemic and it may be some time before its impacts on the arts and culture sector can be fully understood.  With that in mind, NVRC is providing applicants with an opportunity to share their updates on the programming, operational and financial impacts that the pandemic has had on them:

Covid Impact Update      (MS Word Form)


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