The Canada Show

The Canada Show

Canadian history like you have never seen it before! Take an action packed historical joy ride through 20,000 years of Canadian history!

Show time:
  • Wed, Aug 30, 1:00pm
Reserved seating
  • Tickets $14.00
  • If you are part of a day camp, please contact group sales at 604-983-6457

This performance will be attended by NVRC summer day camp groups and is also open to the public.

Tickets are a final sale. No refunds or exchanges.
Presented by: 
Centennial Theatre

In an action-packed sixty minutes, The Canada Show takes you on a hysterically historical joy-ride through 20,000 years of Canada. Told from the point of view of three bickering historians – one First Nations, one French and one just trying to keep the whole thing together. Hold on tight for this fast-paced, irreverent and absolutely hilarious adventure as you watch these 3 singing historians battle to tell their version of Canadian history. Learn about parts of our history few knew existed in a fun and unique way!

"History without the boring stuff. A gem of a show!" - Ottawa Citizen

The Canada Show illustrates historical events using Canadian cultural icons such as Mr. Dressup telling the story of  Henry Hudson, William Shatner performing the story of Etienne Brule or Justin Beaver acting out the history of the Fur Trade - from the Beavers perspective.    


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