Irrelevant Show

CBC Radio’s hit comedy show is coming back to the Centennial Theatre to record another night of all new comedy sketches and songs. Last year’s show sold out and was a highlight of the broadcast season, so get your tickets soon!

Show time:
  • Thu, Mar 23, 7:30pm
Reserved seating
  • All Tickets $35.00
Tickets are a final sale. No refunds or exchanges.

Live from Centennial Theatre... It's The Irrelevant Show!

Now entering its seventh season on national radio, The Irrelevant Show finds laughs in the lives of everyday Canadians: hit sketches include Mom Downloads a Podcast, The Chemainus Song, The New Ten Commandments (Which declares “Thou Shalt Not Microwave Fish at Work”) and Man Cold.

The show also offers an irreverent take on popular culture - from the news, to game shows, to superheroes. They’ve done sketches about Yoda, Batman and Lord of the Rings, and created a popular video in which an NHL player thanks fans for telling him to shoot the puck and even commented on the Vancouver Real Estate Market.

"We offer something for every comedy taste," says producer/director Peter Brown, "there are so many styles and points of view, that the show completely changes subject and tone from one sketch to the next. At tapings, when I ask audience members which sketch was their favorite, I usually get ten different answers. It’s great to see the sketches resonating with so many different people."

The Irrelevant Show’s cast is made up of some of Canada’s most talented comedy performers: Mark Meer, Donovan Workun, Jana O’Connor and Neil Grahn. For this performance, the cast will be joined once again by Vancouver comic and actor Amy Shostak. Musical guests Jan Randall and Jocelyn Ahlf will perform 2 new songs.

These live recordings are events unto themselves, with sound effects created right before the audience’s eyes and ears, and between-sketch banter that many fans say is a highlight of the live show.  

The Irrelevant Show has become one of CBC Radio’s most successful comedy shows, drawing 750,000 listeners every week. The show has won two Canadian Comedy awards (most recently last season for our sketch Bee Circus) and a medal for Best Regularly Scheduled Comedy Program at the prestigious New York festivals.

Enjoy some holiday warmth courtesy of your friends at The Irrelevant Show...

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