VIMFF - Ski Show 1 with Cody Townsend

VIMFF Fall Series

Cody Townsend presents on his FIFTY project plus brand new ski films including Peak Obsession, Dream Job, Full Moon, Solstice and Charge.

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  • Thu, Nov 14, 2019 7:30pm
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  • $20
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Cody Townsend
From his first ski run at Squaw Valley at the age of 2, Cody Townsend knew he had found his passion. He spent his early years chasing legends like Shane McConkey and Kent Kreitler around his home mountain before being recognized in his own right as an up-and-coming big mountain skier. Since turning pro a decade ago, Cody has constantly pushed the limits of fun and adventure. From skiing what some have called “the most insane ski line ever” to adventuring in the Arctic and hanging in the backcountry with his buds, Cody embodies what skiing was meant to be: a journey of exploration and relentless passion in the company of friends.

Cody takes to the VIMFF stage to share stories from his ‘FIFTY Project’ and premiere his new film, Peak Obsession.


The Films:

Peak Obsession
Directed by Cody Townsend, 32 minutes
Cody Townsend has set out on an audacious goal, a never been done before feat, to climb and ski all 50 lines chronicled in the book, “The Fifty Classic Ski Descents of North America”. Developed into a widely successful follow-along web series, Peak Obsession dives into the depths of the mindset behind the project told through the story of two of the most challenging lines in the book. Joined by legendary snowboarder Jeremy Jones, along with cameraman Bjarne Salen, they set out on an adventure rife with challenge, exhaustion, steeps and a little bit of schadenfreude.

Dream Job
Directed by Colleen Gentleman, 15 minutes
A comedy documentary about a girl working in the ski industry who decides to become one of the stars, DREAM JOB begs the question – they go up, they go down, how hard can it be? The film follows comedian Katie Burrell through “days in the life” with three of the industry’s biggest names: Leah Evans, founder of Girls Do Ski, Christina Lustenberger, ex-Olympian and big mountain skier, and Diny Harrison, the first fully certified female guide in North America. Needless to say, she finds out how hard it really can be.

Featuring live stand up comedy performance by Katie Burrell.

Full Moon
Directed by Philipp Becker, 6 minutes
Closing lift stations and the setting sun mark the end of the action for most skiers. Not for Max Kroneck and Jochen Mesle. While ski towns fall asleep they head into the mountains and see them awaking in a new light. The snow starts glistening again. Its just the sound of their skis turning in fresh snow that breaks the silence of the full moon night.

Directed by Mike Douglas, 4 minutes
A tribute to the shortest and coolest days of the year when the sun arcs
low over the horizon and ice crystals linger in the air. The days skiers
love more than any other.

Featuring: Mike Douglas, Chris Rubens, Lovisa Rosengren, Jordy Kidner and Greg Hill.

Directed by Anthony Bonello, 5 minutes
Four top freeskiers and a World Champion drone pilot are dropped at Chatter Creek Cat Skiing in BC for one week. Their instructions: charge as hard as you can everyday and capture skiing from a new perspective.

Featuring: Stan Rey, Cody Townsend, Chris Rubens, Alexi Godbout and Jordan Temkin.

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