VIMFF - Mountain Bike Adventures

VIMFF Fall Series

Captivating stories of two-wheeled adventures around the globe told by speakers Elladee Brown & Leslie Kehmeier — plus screenings of four mountain biking films.

Show time:
  • Sat, Nov 16, 2019 7:30pm
General seating
  • $20
Tickets available through VIMFF
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Elladee Brown & Leslie Kehmeier

Bikepacking and Boat Living – A Tale of Traveling By Land and Sea is a story about Elladee Brown and Leslie Kehmeier’s unique mountain bike adventure in Croatia in June of 2019. During their three-week odyssey, they lived at both ends of the travel spectrum. While bikepacking self-supported along the Adriatic Crest Route, they had to embrace the not knowing and unexpected, forcing them to live in the moment. After reaching the coast in the ancient city of Trogir, the duo traded their tent for a sea-worthy cabin and boarded the San Snova, a wooden ship that would take them on a voyage some might consider the dream of all dreams.

Directed by Scott Secco, 6 minutes
Bill McLane is a trail builder. What started as a hobby between forest firefighting seasons became a career which has helped shape the mountain bike scene on Vancouver Island. Billder takes a closer look at the craft and dedication behind the trails we sometimes take for granted. It shows that when people pursue their passion, we’re all better for it.

Trails Alive
Directed by Anne Cleary, 6 minutes
The result of trails coming to life—literally—with a core female cast that puts having fun as high on the priority list as riding hard. The film features six incredible women: Vero Sandler, Hannah Bergemann, Micayla Gatto, Vaea Verbeeck, Britney White and Casey Brown.

Bike to Bugs
Directed by Gretchen Leggitt, 4 minutes
Bike to Bugs is a one-shot animation telling the harrowing journey of two women bikepacking across the Trans-Canada Trail to climb in Bugaboo Provincial Park. This animation is a continuous recording of one illustration that has been repeatedly erased and redrawn with zero post-production. The rapid pace and imperfections in this crude animation reflect the motivation, grit and perseverance to push on past the inevitable setbacks of any adventure.

Mt. Kilimanjaro & Mt. Kenya on MTB
Directed & Produced by Freeride Entertainment, 30 minutes
Hans Rey, Danny MacAskill and Gerhard Czerner attempt to climb and ride the two highest mountains in Africa back to back on mountain bikes, Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya. They were the first to attempt this challenge and they rode more than anybody has ever ridden on the way down with their extreme biking and trials skills.

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