Pottery Studio Time and Camps

The pottery studio at Parkgate Community Centre and the pottery studio at Delbrook Community Recreation Centre are now partially re-opened.

Studio time is available to customers who have experience in the studio and have held a membership in 2020. These registrations are being done by phone to allow NVRC staff to confirm customers’ studio experience. Camps are being offered for children and will take place in the Arts & Crafts room.

Advance Registration

Registration will take place at 9:00am each Monday for the following week.

Please call 604 987 7529 to have your membership verified and registration processed or if you hold a new 2020 Pottery Membership you can register online at nvrc.ca.

Pricing and Memberships

NVRC is pleased to introduce an updated 2020 Pottery Studio Membership, including access to Parkgate or Delbrook pottery studio times. 

Existing Pottery Membership holders who have membership on hold from March, have three main options: 

OPTION 1 – Reactivate your membership

Reactivate your fitness membership by emailing us at mymembership@nvrc.ca. Your new 2020 pottery studio membership will be issued for the period of time it was not available for use, and any time remaining on paid-in-full memberships. You will receive an email receipt when your membership is ready to be used. 

It may take up to one week to process your request.

OPTION 2 – Receive a credit on your account

We will place the dollar value of your membership as a credit on your account for the amount of time you paid for but were unable to use your membership, and any remaining time for paid-in-full annual memberships. You will then be able to go online or call us to use your credit to purchase a new 2020 pottery membership. You also have the option to keep your credit to purchase other NVRC programs and services, when you are ready to do so.

OPTION 3 – Receive a refund

If you would like to receive a refund for your pottery membership now, please email us at refunds@nvrc.ca or call us at 604-987-7529 and we will issue you a refund by cheque. NVRC staff process all refund requests as quickly as possible, although depending on the number of requests, it may take up to three weeks. We greatly appreciate your patience.

Pottery studio sessions are included as part of the new 2020 Pottery Studio Membership or a drop in fee can be paid for those who have held a memberships in 2020. 

Pay as you go registered studio times are priced: 3hr sessions at $30.00 and RAKU 2.5hr sessions at $40.00.  The cost for Raku sessions with membership is $15.00. 

Safety Measures

The number of person in the studios is limited to allow physical distancing. Members should maintain physical distancing of 2m between people and clean equipment before and after use, please also refrain from bringing in food and drink. Access to kiln rooms will be limited to staff only.