Fitness Centre Sessions, Individual Fitness Classes and Public Sessions

These activities are now termed 'visits', previously these were 'drop-ins'. NVRC is not currently offering drop-ins. Clients receive a full refund with two full days notice (please note the day you cancel and the day of the program are not included in the two days notice). Examples include fitness centre sessions, individual fitness classes (not part of a program), lane swimming, public swim and public skate. 


Our standard refund policy applies with the following temporary exception during the COVID-19 pandemic: If you are not able to attend the program due to sickness, as long as you cancel prior to the start of the class, a full refund will be provided. Please contact NVRC at 604-987-7529 before the start of the class so another community member can take part.

If the class is cancelled NVRC will contact you one hour prior to the class. Please ensure your account has a phone number you can be reached at. Call NVRC at 604 987 7529 to update your details.

Fitness Memberships

NVRC is pleased to introduce an updated 2020 Fitness Membership Program. The membership includes fitness centre sessions plus a selection of indoor fitness classes, lane swimming and public swimming and skating. Learn more