Lane Swimming

Lane Swimming

Stay Active and Fit with Lane Swimming

Lane Swimming at Delbrook Pool*

View the detailed lane swimming schedule for Delbrook pool

Lane Swimming at Ron Andrews Pool*

View the detailed lane swimming schedule for Ron Andrews pool

Lane Swimming at Harry Jerome Pool*

View the detailed lane swimming schedule for Harry Jerome pool

* Regular swim admission fees apply.  Lane swimming times are subject to change, especially on statutory holidays and Pro-D Days

Lane Swimming at the Pinnacle Hotel

Registered length swimming opportunities are available at the Pinnacle Hotel.  All participants must pre-register with us to reserve a spot.  To find out available times or to register, call 604-987-Play (7529) or visit eReg.

Lane Swimming Etiquette

  • Available lanes are designated slow, medium or fast.
  • If you can swim 50m in less than 1 minute, swim in the fast lane. If you swim head up breaststroke, swim in the slow lane.
  • When entering the lanes slip into the water, do not dive. 
  • Keep to the right of the lane, swimming in a circular pattern.
  • If you need to pass a swimmer, pass on the left. Do not make physical contact with any other swimmer.
  • If you stop at the end of the lane, move to the right corner of the lane to allow other swimmers to turn. 
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