New Delbrook Frequently Asked Questions

New Delbrook Community Recreation Centre - Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Is the new Delbrook accessible?
A.  Yes.  The new centre is an accessible facility.  The North Vancouver Advisory Committee on Disability Issues (ACDI) was consulted during the development process.

Q.  What’s unique about the centre’s architecture?
A.  The new Delbrook’s design is inspired by light and our natural environment with lots of glass and wood (natural and faux).  The building is uniquely situated on a slope that goes from the northeast corner down 10 metres to the southwest corner.  Interior spaces have been configured to maximize light and views out to the park land south of the building.

Q.  What are the public artworks at the  new Centre?
A.  Yes, three public art pieces have been installed. 

  • ‘Salmon Cycle’ is a working interactive sculpture that uses water as propulsion.  People can turn a crank and water will be pumped through a wheel of a penny farthing bicycle
  • 'Close to Nature's Heart is on te lobby floor and extends out onto the plaza.  It features a special treatment designed to look like leaf impressions with veins of the leaves representing pathways and streets in the community
  • ‘Hydrosphere’ is a sculptural art piece made of many components that hangs in the 2-storey lobby, consisting of tinted glass pieces that play with and reflect light.  Natural light and light fixtures will highlight the glass to create a cascade of light.

Q. What does the pool facility include?
A.  The aquatics facility features:

  • A six lane, 25 metre pool tank , with both a 3 metre and 1 metre diving board
  • A  leisure tank with zero depth entry and warmer water for multi-generational use, including a zone for games and aquasize classes
  • A moving current channel
  • Sauna, steam room & hot tub
  • Male, female, universal change rooms and a private accessible change room for people with disabilities. 

Q.  What fitness facilities are in the new Centre?
A. The new Fitness Centre/Weight Room and stretch area is located on the lower floor beside the aquatic area and a Fitness Studio is directly across the corridor.   

The Fitness Studio is used for a wide range of drop-in and registered fitness programs.  There is also a multi-purpose room on the lower floor that allows for a range of recreation and cultural activities and events.  Additional spaces in the centre are also used for health and wellness programs and activities.

Q. Are there racquet courts in the new Centre?
A.  Yes. There are two convertible squash/racquetball courts on the lower floor of the new centre.

Q. Does Delbrook have a preschool area and licensed preschool space?
A. Yes.  There is a preschool area which includes a small multipurpose area for recreation programs and space for Delbrook’s licensed preschool. There is an outdoor playground space beside the preschool with natural play features and interactive, musical pieces.

Q.  Is there  Seniors program space?
A. Yes, there are several multi-purpose spaces that are used for seniors and other programs.

Q.  Is there a Youth Centre at the New Delbrook?
A.  There is a dedicated youth centre accessible from outside on the driveway down to the parking lots.  There is also multipurpose space located on the lower floor that is used for youth programs, activities and events.

Q.  Is there a Pottery Studio?
A.  Delbrook features both a Pottery Studio with kiln room and an Arts & Crafts Studio on the upper floor.

Q.  What is the lobby like?

A.  The main floor includes the reception area and a light filled, 2-storey lobby featuring public art pieces.  The main floor also has a viewing area down to the pool, weight room and gym areas.  The lobby also has a Blenz Coffee shop with seating including some outdoor seating.

Q.  What is the parking be like?
A.  The new centre features an accessible, well–lit underground parking lot with 110 stalls including four electric vehicle charging stations plus a limited amount of surface parking.  In addition to the centre parking, the District of North Vancouver is expanding the outdoor parking for the William Griffin artificial turf field located southwest of the centre.

The new Delbrook centre also has a designated drop-off area in the driveway to make it easier for community members with mobility issues to enter the building.

Q.  Are there bus stops near the new Delbrook Centre?
A.  Yes.  There are eastbound and westbound bus stops on West Queens Road within one block of the new Delbrook Community Recreation Centre.  The District of North Vancouver continues to promote alternative transportation (transit, walking, biking) as part of its Official Community Plan (OCP).

Q.  Is the new Delbrook impacting the park space at William Griffin Park?
A.  The new Centre has been designed to have no impact on the current park space.

Q.  What meeting room and rental spaces is there at the new Delbrook?
A.  Many of the multipurpose rooms and spaces will be available for rentals.  Bookings are managed by NVRC’s Central Booking Office. Visit our new Delbrook rentals page for more information.

Q.  What will happen to the old Delbrook Centre?
A.  The existing Delbrook Centre is currently closed.  District of North Vancouver Council has determined that the south building (gym, multipurpose rooms and administration offices) will close as soon as services are transitioned to the new centre. The building is at the end of its life and will be demolished.

Capilano Community Services Society (CCSS) will remain in the north building for the time being.   Little Rascals daycare centre will also remain active on the site for the time being. 

Following an extensive public input process (the Delbrook Lands Dialogue); District Council has directed District staff to report back to them on the recommended future use of the old Delbrook site.  For additional updates on the Delbrook Lands, please visit