Field Conditions

Grass & Artificial Turf Fields

Before each event, we suggest you:

  • Check with us for field closures (see below)
  • Phone the away team to confirm your game's location and time
  • Review the field's playability once you're on site.

Field Closures

You can check our playing field status online at any time or call our Field Status phone line at 604-983-6444 (extension 503) to listen to a prerecorded message. This information is updated on Fridays by noon during the Soccer season.

Closures are based on a review of field conditions by the District and City of North Vancouver's Parks employees. We use the following criteria to determine whether a field should be closed:

  • Heavy rain warnings
  • Standing water or large muddy areas on the playing surface
  • Frost, ice, snow or frozen playing surface.

Please note that closed means CLOSED! Anyone playing on a closed field will not be covered by insurance. Any coach using a closed field will be liable for repairs. Any team or group found playing on a closed field may lose their field permits and/or be subject to fines.

Evaluating Field Conditions

Leagues that book a field are responsible for evaluating field conditions before play and for advising the North Vancouver Recreation & Culture's Field Allocation Office of hazards or safety issues. To report any problems, call 604-983-6318email us, or fill out our online Field Maintenance & Incident Report.

Use common sense when examining field conditions. A playable grass or all weather field will be:

  • Relatively dry and free draining
  • Firm and slightly springy
  • Without puddles, muddy spots, ice, frost or snow.

Keep in mind that adults weigh more than children and can cause considerably more damage to a soft field. When conditions are questionable, the referee is responsible for making the final decision on the field's playability. With marginal conditions, coaches and managers can suggest that players 'play to protect themselves'.

Taking Care of our Fields

When it comes to North Vancouver's playing fields, field maintenance and player safety are top priorities. Playing fields are maintained by the District of North Vancouver, the City of North Vancouver or School District #44, depending on their location. To keep fields playable throughout the whole season and preserve them from extensive damage, we ask that users not play on the fields when they are closed or following inclement weather.

All grass Soccer fields are closed each summer for reseeding. Any activity on these fields (games or practice sessions) during the summer months jeopardizes their future use. If you see someone playing on a grass field during a closure, do not approach them on your own. Take note of some details (like date, time, field, colour of uniforms, age of group members, license plates, types of car, etc.) and contact the RCMP non-emergency number at 604-985-1311.

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