Field Maintenance & Incident Report

We welcome your comments and suggestions, as they help us to maintain North Vancouver's playing fields and serve you better.

To report a problem or an incident on a field or to send us your comments, please complete the secure online form below and click 'Done'.  An * indicates required information.

(Street address or closest cross streets)
Please indicate the nature of the problem (for example, potential damage to fencing, poor turf conditions, lighting problem, etc.).
Please indicate where maintenance is required (for example, cleat damage to northwest corner of artificial turf field, 10 feet in front of west goalpost).
Please indicate what happened.
If you know the date the incident occurred.
If you don't know the exact time, please give us an approximate time (for example, early morning, late evening).
If team players were involved, please indicate their league name and/or colour of jersey to help identify the participants.
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