New Registration System


North Vancouver Recreation & Culture (NVRC) launched a new registration system in 2019 with advanced new features that will support our customers with the technology they use most.

New Account Creation

All NVRC customers will need a new account to register for programs and memberships starting in May, 2019. It’s easy to do and takes less than 2 minutes. 

Click here to set up your new account now.  

Note:  The new Account Creation form does not work in Internet Explorer browser. Please use a different browser, preferrably Google Chrome. 

​Fitness Members
NVRC has created new accounts for the majority of fitness members in order to move their memberships over to the new software system.  Fitness members will receive a notification from the new software system with the URL:

Emails to Customers
Our new online registration system has the following URL: It is not SPAM. 
So if you receive an email from this URL, you can trust that it is from North Vancouver Recreation & Culture and is secure.

Read our frequently asked questions below or use our Online Chat or call our Call Centre at 604-987-PLAY (7529)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
Why is NVRC replacing its existing online registration system?

NVRC’s existing online registration system has reached its end‐of life and will no longer be supported. In response, the NVRC collaborated with 22 other municipal organizations over the past three years to seek out a replacement system that will best serve our customers’ needs. 


Why was the new software system chosen?

The new software was selected for providing the best software solution and advanced new features that will support our customers with the technology they use most (mobile, online, etc.). As well, by working with the other municipalities we will have more influence on product development and will be able to innovate with the new system.

When will the new registration system be launched?

The new system will be launched on Wednesday May 1, 2019 and will be used for NVRC’s Summer Registration which starts on May 14 (swimming programs) and May 21 (all other programs including summer camps).

What do I need to do to be prepared to use the new system?

All of our customers need to create a new NVRC account to be able to register for programs next spring. Click here to create your new account.  It’s easy and takes 2 minutes.  

Why am I asked if I want to subscribe to NVRC eNewsletters when I set up my new account?

NVRC’s eNewsletters which include Recreation News, Arts News and our weekly Community Events Newsletters are the best way keep up to date on what's going on at NVRC and in your community.

Note: NVRC will never share your data and all personal information is securely managed. You can easily unsubscribe at any time.  You can also sign up for our newsletters on our webpage

How will customers' personal information be secured in the new registration system?

Our new system meets the industry standard for encryption and security measures to protect people’s personal information.

At the same time, we strongly encourage our users to choose a strong password and also be diligent in protecting their personal  information and account details.

For more information on our Privacy policy and practices, please visit our Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy webpage.


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