10 New Year’s Health Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

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The most popular New Year’s resolution is getting in shape. It’s a great goal but one that’s hard to keep because most fitness resolutions, such as “Get in better shape”, are too vague to put into effective practice.

Setting goals are extremely important, but equally important is setting realistic and specific goals. Keep your goals SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely). If your goal is to get in better shape, then a SMART goal might be “Work out 2-3 times a week to begin with, and increase by one time by March 1st).

Here are some suggestions to motivate and keep your fitness goals on track:

1. Try a new and fun workout
The New Year is a great time to acquire a new skill, sport or try something that intrigues you. What about martial arts? Tennis? Dance? Pickleball? Check out the NVRC Leisure Guide to find your next passion!

2. Schedule your workouts
Rather than say, “I’ll work out this week,” schedule exactly when you’ll hit the gym or go for that walk.  Add it to your calendar or smart phone with a reminder. Honour yourself by committing to it.

3. Find an exercise buddy  
Take a walk, workout or book a fitness class with a friend, co-worker or family member.  It’s great way to have some fun together, support one another and stay accountable!

4. Go to bed earlier
Take control of your social media. Late nights are hard on your body. Go to bed on a regular schedule and get your sleep. You’ll feel better for it.

5. Book time with a fitness professional to get you started
Book a few personal training sessions to learn how to make your workouts effective and efficient. NVRC has some of the best-trained fitness experts at affordable rates. Take advantage of your local NVRC fitness supervisors and schedule a Get Started consultation and gym orientation! 

6. Don’t buy junk food when you’re grocery shopping 
They may satisfy a craving, but chips and pop are full of calories and have little or no nutritional value.  Just skip that aisle so you’re not tempted.

7. Avoid fast food for meals
We all know the scenario - you’re running late and need lunch or dinner ASAP.  How can you avoid the pizza and burgers?   Plan your meals ahead of time (a written weekly plan is a great idea) or a make a “smart” stop at the grocery store for a quick and healthy meal to go.

8. Eat more fruits and vegetables  
Did you know that half your plate should be filled with fruits and vegetables?  Packed with vitamins, this low-calorie food group may help reduce the risk of cancers and diseases.  Go for nutrient-rich dark green and orange coloured fruits and veggies.

9. Keep healthy snacks on hand 
Avoid the vending machine and the muffins at the coffee shop (which can be nutritionally equivalent to cupcakes).  Pack healthy snacks, like nuts and fruit, when you need a boost. Carry a bottle of water with you wherever you go!

10.  Celebrate your victories
Every time you stick to your commitment, give yourself a mental high-five and congratulate yourself for honouring your priorities. A positive mindset greatly helps with your goals.

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Cheers to a Healthy New Year!  

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