41 Years of Fitness Classes and Still Going Strong

This post was written by Anne R. Jan 12, 2018 in Fitness, Health & Wellness, Profiles

Read what Toula the active senior has to say about the health benefits of regular fitness.

I recently had the chance to talk with one of our long-term fitness members, Toula about her thoughts on fitness and the health benefits of staying active.  What an inspiration.  This vibrant senior attributes her above average health to being a regular at fitness classes at NVRC for over 40 years and hiking the amazing trails on the North Shore.

Toula has always loved the fun and challenge of hi-impact aerobics.  35 years ago, she was one of the pioneer participants of what became a huge trend in fitness.  She was so passionate about aerobics that others suggested she become an instructor but she preferred to balance her busy life by being a regular participant instead.

Health Benefits of Fitness
When I asked her about the health benefits her active lifestyle, Toula was quick to respond, “The benefits of fitness are amazing. My whole family has high blood pressure but I don’t and I don’t have high cholesterol either.  When I go hiking it takes a long time before I start to feel tired and I am always outlasting my friends! My fitness is keeping me healthy”.  You can’t help but notice a certain glow as she talks about her love of fitness and she certainly looks much younger than her age.   

These days Toula is focusing on building muscle and bone strength to maintain her health and mobility and she’s enjoying a number of low impact aerobics classes offered by NVRC. 

The only time she stopped
Three years ago, Toula fell and hurt her back.  She spent three months away from her fitness classes as she focused on getting better.  Time, stretching and meditation helped her heal and she then returned to her regular fitness activity.

Advice for those who want to start getting active
“Just choose something, anything in fitness and do it! No matter what your size or ability, find something you like and keep going.”


Originally from Greece, Toula moved to Canada and settled in Lynn Valley where she created a successful home-based dress making business creating everything from gowns to coats to bridal wear.  You can now find Toula taking part in fitness classes Monday to Friday at various North Vancouver Recreation & Culture centres.



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