5 Great Ways to Use a NVRC Gift Card

This post was written by Kari B. Jan 12, 2018 in General
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A North Vancouver Recreation & Culture Gift Card is a thoughtful present that can please just about everyone. In addition to amazing fitness choices, you or your ‘giftee’ can use a Gift Card towards any of the other hundreds of recreations and arts programs and services available at NVRC. 

In fact, here are 5 top activities that you may not have thought of:

  1. Arts Programs
    If you have an interest in the visual arts, NVRC has lots of options to tempt you.  Drawing, watercolour painting, acrylic painting and many more.  Or have you always wanted to try Pottery?  Both Delbrook and Parkgate have dedicated pottery studios with talented instructors to inspire you.    If performing arts is more your thing, check out singing, piano or guitar lessons.  There’s also a huge variety of dance options too. Ballet, Hip Hop, Ballroom, Hawaiian, Jazz and Belly Dancing.  NVRC has exciting courses for all ages.  The list goes on! 
  2. Parties and Camps
    We all know kids can be hard to buy for, so using a Gift Card towards a party or camp is a fantastic idea.  There are lots of fun themes to pick from including Rock Climbing, Swimming, Skating, Sports and Pottery.  When you choose a party or camp with NVRC, you’ll get an experience to remember.  
  3. First Aid and Lifeguarding
    Did you know that NVRC offers a variety of first aid training?  This includes Babysitter Training, Emergency First Aid and First Aid for Moms and Dads. As well, consider the Lifeguarding certification courses.  Whether you want to learn basic skills or plan to be a professional lifeguard, these are excellent programs for anyone who loves aquatics.  The ability to save a life is a huge gift.  
  4. Community Events
    NVRC is pleased to host a variety of special community events throughout the year.  Use your Gift Card for fun, seasonally themed breakfasts, crafts, youth events and the very popular Preteen Dances.  Check our website and Facebook page for the most up to date information on planned events.
  5. Cooking
    Whether you want to acquire basic skills or learn to cook like a professional chef, look to NVRC.  In addition to popular Adult cooking lessons, NVRC offers classes to amuse children aged 5+ and Preteens.  Cooking is a wonderful skill to have—and worthy of a Gift Card!

Of course, all these interesting activities are in addition to the great Sports, Family, Fitness, Swim and Skate programs offered by NVRC. Visit North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Find a Program and see what appeals to you.  It’s easy to use that Gift Card!

You can purchase a NVRC Gift Card in any amount at any Community Recreation Centre during front office hours.



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