5 Superfoods to Eat on the Go

This post was written by Kari B. May 05, 2020 in Health & Wellness, Nutrition, Recipes

So you’re out running errands, or driving from one place to another, and suddenly you’re hungry.  What do you grab to stave off hunger pains?  Maybe you quickly stop and pick up a baked good or donut.  Or perhaps you think you’re doing the right thing and unwrap a “healthy” granola bar without considering the ingredients list: sugar, vegetable oil, palm oils, salt, corn syrup etc.  

Healthy snacking can be more challenging when you’re on the go.  But with a little planning, you can easily recharge your body before you get to the “hangry” stage. 

Here are some great nutritionally-rich healthy foods to eat when you’re on the move:

#1.  Nuts

This snack food is both handy and heart healthy.  There are so many varieties of nuts that are good for you, like almonds and pistachios, plus they’re super easy to pack when you head out.  Just grab a handful when you need it.

#2.  Berries

Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and other berries have amazing health benefits.  High in antioxidants, they are worth of the extra effort of washing and sealing in a container to go.  (Also quicker than stopping at a drive-thru.)

#3.  Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is thick, creamy and packed with protein.  Guaranteed to give you a health and energy boost when you’re out, just pack a single serving with a small icepack (and don’t forget a spoon!).  It’s also a great recovery food after a work-out.

#4.  Eggs

This one takes a bit more effort up front-- but it’s well worth it.  Hard boil a dozen free range eggs and keep them in your refrigerator.  Before heading out, peel an egg or two and drop them in a container to take with you.  Instant protein and vitamin rich.

#5.  Apples

Packed with fibre and disease fighting properties, an apple must be the most portable fruit ever.  Plus, there are so many varieties like Granny Smith, McIntosh and Pink Lady, there is bound to be a kind you love.  Just grab one as you leave home and you’re all set.

With all these amazing Superfood options, there’s no excuse to stop for a donut again.

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