5 Ways to Make Music Part of Your Day

This post was written by Barb M. Oct 19, 2016 in Arts
Child Playing Music

Developing a love and respect for music at an early age can lay the foundation for a lifetime filled with musical activity, appreciation and fun so including music in your home environment can have many benefits.  Parents, children and individuals of all ages and musical abilities can easily incorporate music into their daily routine. Here are a few tips to help you jump on the bandwagon:

1.    Immerse your home in music

Whenever possible, have music playing in the home. It really doesn’t matter what type of music. Ignore the media hype that suggests only Mozart enhances your baby’s intelligence. There is no evidence to support that claim, and it limits other musical genres that you may find particularly meaningful. Play music—any and all types of music.

2.    Actively listen to music

While having music playing in the background is great, it can also be fun to interact with music regularly. You can do this by moving hands or feet to the music with a young child, or sparking conversation and asking questions with someone older. Even preschool children can be responsive to topics such as, “How does this music make you want to move?” or “This music makes me feel like ice skating.” 

3.    Sing like no one’s listening

It doesn’t matter how well you sing, you can still sing simple songs. Belt out your favourite tunes in the shower, crank up the volume on the car radio and discover your inner diva, or organize a karaoke night with friends and really cut loose!  Music brings people together in so many weird and wonderful ways. 

4.    Dance like no one’s watching 

Dancing is another fun way to encourage learning about music while spending time together. The ability to move to the steady beat of music is fundamental to all future musical ability, so practicing this skill through dancing is an excellent (and fun) way to build your musical chops. 

5.    Make music together  

If you play the piano, invite someone to join you in an easy duet. If you play an instrument, you might play along with others as they sing. Join a choir and meet other music lovers. Any combination in any genre of music will send a strong message about the shared joy of making music. 

Music is one of life’s most meaningful experiences so go ahead, sing along, hum, dance or air guitar to your favorite songs. Think of it as one of life’s necessities and an essential part of your everyday life.

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