6 Etiquette Tips for Tennis Players

This post was written by Kari B. May 05, 2020 in Tennis

Whether you are a new or seasoned tennis player, it’s essential to be familiar with proper tennis course etiquette.  Without a doubt, showing respect for your fellow players makes the game more enjoyable for everyone.

Here are a few friendly reminders:

1. Avoid walking through a point
If you must cross an occupied court to reach your assigned one, please be respectful of the players and wait until their point is over to access your court.

2. Refrain from talking on your mobile phone
Even if you’re on the way to accessing your court, please don’t talk on your phone or carry on loud conversations.

3. Wait for buzzer before entering your court
The buzzer operates on half-hour increments so be sure to wait until it sounds before you enter your assigned court.  This applies to both court booking and program start times.  

4. Abide by the net divider rule
If there is a doubt about court net dividers remaining open or closed, the preference is given to groups who wish to keep the nets closed.

5. Avoid wearing scents
Please don’t wear strongly scented products at recreational facilities.  North Vancouver Recreation & Culture has a “No Scents” policy.

6. Wear appropriate attire
All tennis players are expected to wear appropriate tennis attire and non-marking footwear.

Thank you for helping to ensure everyone enjoys their game.  Have fun on the court!

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