6 Online Resources to Help You Eat Healthy

This post was written by Kari B. in Health & Wellness, Nutrition
Vegetables and fruits

At NVRC, we believe in eating healthy so you can pursue your recreation and culture interests with energy and vitality.  Eating a well-balanced diet gives your body the key nutrients it needs to function properly, manage weight, prevent diseases and much more. 

Here are some great online resources dedicated to healthy eating and nutrition:

1. Healthy Families BC
Want to learn about interesting topics like sugary drinks and planning low sodium meals?  This website is full of relevant information.

2. Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide
Produced by Health Canada, this nutritional guide has important information about eating from the correct food groups, determining serving sizes, maintaining healthy habits and more.   

3. Eating for Peak Performance
With athletes in mind, this document from Vancouver Coastal Health provides information on what best to eat and drink before and after exercising.

4. Eating to Fuel Your Mind and Body
Provided by Vancouver Coastal Health for Teens and Young Adults, this sheet describes what healthy eating is (including sample meals) plus tips on how to get active and keep a positive attitude.

5. Better Together BC
This website provides great ideas for a hands-on approach to family, food and fun.

6.  Making it Happen:  Healthy Eating at School
Presented by the BC Dairy Foundation, the Ministry of Health and Knowledge Network, this site provides information about healthy eating in BC schools.

We hope you enjoy these resources!


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