Amazing Experiences in the Outdoors

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NOTE:  This blog article was written by McKenzie as part of a special Youth Blogging Project with Seymour Heights Elementary School.

Growing up being outside and enjoying nature has always been a huge part of me. I've been so very lucky to have amazing people in my life, live in places that let me be outside every waking hour I could. 

Growing up outdoors 
As I've been growing up, I've had the most amazing experiences and have been so very lucky. As a young girl I lived in a complex with many townhouses around ours. Everyday I could spend outside with the kids in the neighborhood was filled with its fullest potential. We would wake up super early and join each other outside with either one hundred layers on to play in the snow, or shorts, t-shirts, and no shoes in the summer. Mom I can't thank you enough for washing my feet each summer night and making me hot chocolate when I was too numb to play outside any longer. 

Getting older
Later on in my life of outdoor love. When I was 11 years old, me and my family stepped into our new adventure and moved to a beautiful house surrounded by trees, across from a river, and in walking distance to endless trails. I was truly in awe. I would go on walks with my family and of course no forgetting our two bulldogs, or jump into the freezing cold river with my friends. Everyday I become more grateful for the beautiful place I live in. 

Outdoor memories
I will hold endless memories of the outdoors with me forever, including the summer of 2015 when my family and I hopped into our car and drove for hours to  stunning Tofino, BC. That experience was one of my all time favorite things I've ever done. Especially the pinky sunsets on the perfect sand beaches, and the small town with such kind people. Although at the time I hate to admit that I wasn't very fond of doing it, I look back at it and ask myself why I wasn't smiling the whole way. This experience was my family and I going on a board walk in a beautiful forest that took us to a small beach with crystal blue waters and wildlife at our finger tips.

Best summer ever
Here is another experience I will keep forever as my best summer ever! The summer of 2016. The summer began and ended in Deep Cove, North Vancouver, what I may as well call my favorite place in the world. The way my hair turns to tight ringlets when I swim in the salt water then let it dry in he warm sun, or how wrecking my feet walking on rocks isn't so bad when my toes finally hit the water. from having pizza and shaved ice as my daily meals to paddle boarding and swimming with seals. I can defiantly say I truly love North Vancouver and all it's beauty. 

Although as I get older I start spending more time on homework, phones, and staying inside, the little girl biking with my dad, or planting flowers with my mom will always be there and I will forever appreciate, admire, and love the outdoors and be grateful for all the joy it has brought me. 

McKenzie surfing with her dogMcKenzie  

McKenzie is 13 years old and goes to Seymour Heights Elementary, in the fall she will be attending Windsor secondary and is very excited! When McKenzie has free time she enjoys spending it with her family and friends. 


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