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Globe made from ice

Winter Solstice

Celebrations from around the world
View of the Lions from Cleveland Dam

Never Stop Learning

Honouring Indigenous history and cultures in June and year-round
Year of the ox

Happy Lunar New Year!

Learn about Spring Festival and how to celebrate it
art crawl

North Shore Art Crawl – March 7 & 8, 2020

Inspiring community through extraordinary encounters with art!
Alan Formanek

A Passion for Adventure and Story

Meet Alan Formanek, VIMFF’s Founder and Director
Richard Side

The Creative Side

Meet Comic Veteran Richard Side
Friends at a concert

Your Presence is the Best Present!

Ideas for gifts of shared experience

The Story Box Events

Calling all storytellers and story lovers!

Tunes for Tots at Centennial Theatre

Learning rhythm, making noise and having fun
North Shore Connect Day

North Shore Connect Day is October 17, 2019

Helping those without homes

TGIF Day - Time for Music!

Why community?
Like most people, I have a deep yearning for community and connection. I run the North Van trails regularly, go to yoga classes at the Delbrook Community Recreation Centre, hike and stay healthy. But I am also cognizant of my mental health and well-being. The feeling that I belong to my neighbourhood is important to me. I love the Live and Local Concert Series, because not only do I get to lose myself in music, I get to belong.

Canada Day - July 1st

What Canada means to me

My family immigrated to Canada when I was eight years old, which makes me a first generation Canadian. I was very proud the day my family and I were sworn in as Canadians. I remember looking around the ceremonial hall at the other new Canadians and marveling at the diversity of races and cultures. I knew then that I was in a safe and welcoming place. Today, almost four decades later, I cannot imagine calling anywhere else my home.

Art in the Garden 2019: May 25 & 26

8 Reasons #ArtintheGarden is Good for You

1. Digital Detox
Step away from the digital world and practice the art of being present by visiting 14 gorgeous private gardens filled with art and crafts from 32 artists and artisans and 112 hours of live music.

2. Nature is a proven stress-reducer 
Research has proven that surrounding yourself with nature can be one of the most powerful stress-relievers, breath in the scent of those spring blossoms and stand in awe of an unusual monkey puzzle tree.

Check out Play, Pie, Pint!

The play-pie-pint movement started in 2004 in Glasgow, Scotland, where the concept of introducing new audiences to theatre and community arts during non-peak times took off. Today, shows are performed all over the world. Our local version offers an hourlong one-act show, followed by an old-school, pub-like lunch in the lobby. 





Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour

Tour is sure to satisfy!
The women’s movement has come a long way in Canada. It’s only been one hundred years since Canadian women were given the right to vote in 1918. Since that time women have progressed in leaps and bounds politically, socially and personally. Instead of having to be accompanied out of doors like our foremothers a century ago, women now adventure solo all over the world. 

5 Reasons to visit the Shipyards Market this Summer

Packed with all kinds of locally made goods, music, entertainment, and food, and set against the backdrop of the beautiful Burrard Inlet with the Vancouver city skyline gleaming across the water, the Shipyards Night Market is the perfect place to shop while getting some fresh air and connecting with the community. Read on for five reasons to haul the whole family to the market this season!


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