Dive into fun at Public Swims

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Whether you have a toddler who loves to splash around, a child needing to practice their swimming skills or you’re an adult wanting to do some dives and hang out in the hot tub, Public Swims are a great way to play and enjoy some quality leisure time – and it’s the perfect activity for any age from 0-99!  

Please note due to COVID-19 activities in the pools have been modified and not all amenities are currently available. For the latest information please visit the online registration system or call 604-987-7529.

What is a Public Swim?
Public Swim is a time for everyone to play in the water. Whether you enjoy diving, splashing, floating, playing games, sliding, climbing, swinging, jumping or playing in waves, our pools  have something for everyone. Oh, and don’t forget the saunas, steam rooms and hot tubs which are great for relaxation and soothing sore muscles. Then there are the toys and activities available during Public Swim – so much to do, all under the watchful eyes of NVRC’s well-trained lifeguarding staff. Note: each pool has different features and amenities. View the listing at the end of this article to see what each pool has to offer.

How Much Does it Cost?
Public Swims are open to everyone of every age and ability. Community members pay the drop-in rate: $6.30 for adults; $4.75 for seniors & students;  $3.15  for kids under 19 and  children under 3 swim for free. There are also special $2 swims on Tuesdays and Saturdays at select pools. If you have a fitness membership, swimming is included in your membership so there’s no extra charge to attend a Public Swim. See our fee schedule and Public Swim schedule for more information.

What’s the Difference Between a Public Swim, a Teen Swim, an Adult Swim and a Preschool Swim?
Public Swims are for all ages. Teen, Adult and Preschool Swims are age-specific to provide a comfortable environment for different age groups. As well, NVRC offers a Women’s Only Swim at Ron Andrews once a week.

Special Event Swims
NVRC also hosts a number of special event swims each year including holiday themed swims like Halloween Swims in the fall and Easter Swims in the spring.  These special swims feature lots of fun activities in the pool and on the pool deck.  Keep informed by signing up for our weekyly Community Events Newsletter. 

Family & Friend Time
Public Swims make a great play date for families and friends.  It encourages unstructured, imaginative, active play.  Meet up at the Karen Magnussen Wave Pool and have fun amidst the waves; climb the climbing wall and try out the rope swing at Ron Andrews Pool; or play in the spray features at Delbrook Pool. There’s always something fun to do in the pool! Public Swims also are a great time for kids to practice all of the skills they learned in their swimming lessons. Read our blog 5 Ways to Help Your Child Succeed at Swimming. Your local public pool is also a safe place for pre-teens and teens to meet their friends and make new friends.

Health & Safety Benefits 
Swimming is great exercise and all that playing in the water stretches and strengthens most of our major muscle groups. Swimming around the pool can also raise your heart rate and improve your cardiovascular system. One of the most important benefits of swimming is that knowing how to swim can keep you safe in and around bodies of water, and reduce the chances of accidental drowning.  
Note: NVRC offers specific water safety training in many of its swim classes; and for those interested in aquatic leadership and becoming a lifeguard,  we offer courses for that too!

A Word about Lane Swimming
Swimming is one of the healthiest ways to stay fit throughout your life and it’s easy on the joints. You can lane swim at three NVRC pools: Delbrook, Harry Jerome & Ron Andrews. NVRC also offers a limited amount of registered lane swimming opportunities at the Pinnacle Hotel Pool in Lower Lonsdale. Each pool has its own lane swimming schedule. If you plan to go lane swimming, don’t forget to read the Lane Swimming Etiquette to ensure you have a good experience.

Getting to Know our Pools

Delbrook Pool
* 25 metre pool, 1 and 3 metre diving boards, leisure pool with current channel, hot tub, sauna and steam room
* Lane swimming, Public, Family, Adult and Preschool Swims – view schedule
Accessibility: 0 depth entry to leisure pool. Accessible universal change rooms and accessible adult change room with table and lift. Aquatic wheelchairs and a lift into the 25 meter pool tank and the hot tub.

Harry Jerome Pool
* 25 metre pool, waterslide, 1 metre diving board, hot tub, sauna and  spectator seating
* Lane swimming, Public, Adult, and Teen Swims – view schedule.
Note: the slide is only open during certain swims. Call 604-987-Play (7529) to see when the slide is operating.

Karen Magnussen Wave Pool
* Wave pool with exercise pool and preschool wading area. Beach entry, spray features and warmer water. Therapy pool with ramp access. Adult hot tub and steam room.* Public, Adult and Preschool Swims – view schedule.
Accessibility: 0 depth entry to wave pool and therapy pool.  Aquatic wheelchairs and portable patient lift. 

Ron Andrews Pool
* 37 ½ metre pool, with shallow/deep tank, 1 and 3 metre diving boards, climbing wall and rope swing. Hot tub, sauna and steam room.
* Lane swimming, Public, Adult, Teen and Women’s Only Swims – view schedule.
Accessibility:  Aquatic wheelchairs and pool lift  



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