Drumming for the fun (and health) of it!

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Drum culture can be found in the history of most social ethnic groups globally and it continues to be a central part of how traditions in storytelling, dance and music making bring people together to connect with others. 

Current research is now confirming the therapeutic effects of ancient rhythm techniques. Studies conducted by music therapy and mental health professionals show that drumming can accelerate physical healing, boost the immune system, and reduce anxiety and stress.

Drum Circles provide an opportunity for participants to feel connected with others and gain a sense of interpersonal support. Playing in a drum circle is a great example of teamwork at its highest level. As the rhythms come together and grow, participants develop trust and inter-dependence with their fellow drummers. Lessons learned in the drum circle can be directly applied at home, at school, in the workplace, and in our day to day lives.

UK based musician Simon Lee teaches drumming to individuals with conditions ranging from addiction to autism as well as terminally ill patients in palliative care. He says that drumming can aid health by inducing a deep sense of relaxation, reducing stress and lowering blood pressure.   According to Lee; “Drumming can foster a sense of playfulness or release anger and tension. It can also help conquer social isolation and build positive relationships.”

Dr. Barry Bittman, neurologist and CEO of the Yamaha Music and Wellness Institute, believes that one of the great health benefits of drumming is that they are so easy to use.  And although some might disagree, he believes that everybody has a sense of rhythm. “Drumming is fun and challenging and can produce positive results very quickly.”

Some of the benefits of drumming include:

  • enhanced psychological and spiritual well-being
  • enhanced physical well-being
  • enhanced social relationships
  • enhanced sensory awareness and physical dexterity
  • improved self-esteem, self-confidence and personal development
  • good fun!

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NEW! Drumming Workshops at Delbrook. Come out and make some healthy noise!

NVRC will offer two drumming workshops in February with drummer Russell Shumsky. With over 25 years of professional playing and teaching experience, Russell is a seasoned percussionist and drum circle leader who plays marimba, djembé, dununs, bodhran, and congas.  drumming.ca/about_me

Family Drum Circle Workshop
All are welcome to come out and learn traditional rhythms and enjoy the experience of African Drumming. Drums provided.
Date: Saturday February 18 and March 25 (two different workshop dates)
Time: 2:30-3:30pm
Location: Delbrook Tamarack Room
Cost: $20 per family or $10 per person


African Drumming Workshop-Beginner
Beginners and drummers with some experience will learn basic rhythms and techniques for the West African djembé drum. Drums provided.
Date: Saturday February 18 and March 25 (two different workshop dates)
Time: 3:30-5:00pm
Location: Delbrook Tamarack Room
Cost: $15 per person

For more information and to register for a drumming workshop click here.




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