Experiencing Public Art in North Vancouver

This post was written by Barb M. May 05, 2020 in Arts
Word To Your Motherland mural

Over the past 20 years cities and towns have come up with lots of action-oriented ideas that invite residents to discover public art in their own communities.  Here in North Vancouver, walking and cycling tours, public art geo-caching, and Pokemon-Go applications are just some of the ways that the people can now experience public art.

North Vancouver is home to over 150 public artworks located along nature trails and public walkways, in parks, plazas and civic buildings. Each public art piece is an original, one of a kind work that creatively reflects North Vancouver’s unique culture, heritage and natural environment.  

Art speaks to people in different ways and viewing public art can sometimes stir up strong feelings or become a catalyst for heated discussion and debate.  Questions to ponder when encountering public art may include the following:

  • Does it tell a story?
  • Does it stimulate us to tell someone else?
  • Does it enable social interaction, or provoke new connections?
  • Does it contribute to a dynamic sense of place?

If you want to get out and explore public art in North Vancouver, pick up a copy of the North Vancouver Public Art Map & Guide at any North Vancouver Community Recreation Centre and find out what‘s in your neighbourhood. Visit the NVRC website for details.

And just for fun, take a moment to watch a video and follow this six-year-old host on a journey throughout San Francisco where he finds out that, “Public art is all around us, but sometimes we don’t even notice it!"
(Credit: KQED Art School, Jon Brown & Kristin Farr)   

Photo credit:
Word To Your Motherland mural
Artists: Nisha K. Sembi, Miguel ‘Bounce’ Perez, Corey Bulpitt, Take 5
A Community Public Art project in conjunction with Creative International and the City of North Vancouver



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