Finding a safe place to be at Lonsdale Preschool

This post was written by Anne R. Jan 12, 2018 in Preschool, Profiles

Lonsdale Preschool is a warm and welcoming place for kids and their families.  It’s an especially welcoming place for Atieh and her son Ali who has been attending the preschool for the past seven months.

When Ali was just 2 years old, his family moved to Canada where he had difficulty adjusting  socially.  He did not speak English and became very reliant on his parents and very shy with other children. At the local park he would run to his parents if any other child approached him.

When Ali turned 3, it was time for preschool and Ali’s mother Atieh was worried that it would be challenging for him – his first social experience in Canada where he would spend time away from his Mom and Dad.

Atieh was looking for a preschool where Ali could become more independent, learn to socialize with other children and feel comfortable without his mother by his side.   Fortunately, Atieh received a recommendation from a friend who told her to try Lonsdale Preschool where they had wonderful, caring teachers.  Armed with that advice, Atieh met with the teachers at the preschool and arranged to bring her son and spend the first few days in class with him.

After just under 2 weeks, Ali settled into the routine and was comfortable being away from his mother.  He also warmed up to the teachers, especially Mrs. Reeves who helped Ali feel comfortable and safe.  Flash forward seven months, and Ali is now speaking and understanding English, he’s socializing with all the children in the class and he’s happy playing at the park with other kids.  He’s come along way and Atieh couldn’t be happier with her son’s progress and with his smile that lights up the preschool.

Excerpt from a letter to Lonsdale Preschool from Ali's Mom, Atieh
"As a new immigrant to Canada and having a super sensitive child I was so hopeless about finding a place where my son would feel safe and happy. Language became a huge obstacle for him and he was not able to communicate with others and this lack of communication caused a social phobia for him. 

I brought him to Lonsdale preschool without any hope but after a just a little while with the help of great teachers, Mrs. Reeves and others, I eventually saw a smile on his face. He was happy after all and felt totally safe. 

I would really like to thank all teachers Miss Shiraz, Miss Jan and  Mrs. Reeves. Special thanks to Mrs. Reeves for all her support and effort for creating a wonderful bond with my son.   I would highly recommend Lonsdale preschool to everyone I know."      

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