Getting Re-Started

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Summer is a natural time to be active. With great weather, outdoor activities beckon and it’s easier to stay in shape. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed an active and recreational summer. Now with school back in session and the weather turning cooler,  this is a good time to think about getting re-started with a good fitness routine for the fall.

I caught up with Rob Wynen, the seasoned Fitness Centre Supervisor at Harry Jerome Rec Centre, for some tips for getting back to the gym. As usual, he was a fount of fitness knowledge!

Pick 3 days a week

Review your fall schedule and choose 3 days and times a week that work best for you. Set them in your schedule and protect that time. As with work, stick to those days and make them a part of your regular week routine so that they become automatic. On your days off, you don’t have to feel guilty about not going to the gym.

Review your training goals

Do you have any new training goals? Would you like to improve your overall fitness, lose some weight or get ready for the ski season? Consult with an NVRC Fitness Centre Supervisor (or a personal trainer) to review your fitness goals and update your routine accordingly.

Get back to it

If you are not interested in making changes to your personal training, re-start where you left off. If you have lost strength during your time away from the gym, you may wish to go a bit lighter on the weights and build back up.

Set reasonable targets

Set a reasonable target 3 months out. It may be as simple as committing to 3 workouts a week or pushing that extra 5 pounds on the chest press. Check with your Fitness Centre Supervisor to ensure your goals are realistic; they will also be able to give you some pointers on how to achieve them.

Check technique periodically

It’s always a good idea to check in periodically for correct lifting technique and proper alignment. Your Fitness Centre Supervisor will be more than happy to check your technique and demonstrate proper form to avoid injury.

Continual improvement

Rob Wynen has a great saying: “Muscle and bone only get stronger if you stress them.” Our bodies are conservative and like to be comfortable. When new exercises are introduced the body isn’t comfortable until it develops new strength to re-establish equilibrium. For people who wish to simply maintain their fitness level, feeling comfortable in the same fitness routine is fine. But, for those of us who are looking for improvement in strength, endurance or range of motion, we can’t stay comfortable for too long!

When a workout starts to feel easy, it’s time to introduce greater intensity or new exercises. Tweak your routine every 3-4 weeks. Again, your friendly Fitness Centre Supervisor can help!

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