Joint Rehabilitation – Then and Now

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Joint Rehab

NVRC's Joint Rehabilitation Program at Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre is getting people stronger and more active sooner.

Joint Rehab - 20 Years Ago
I can still remember my first rehabilitation challenge 20 years ago when I was working as a Kinesiologist in a local physiotherapy clinic.  The client I was working with had a knee replacement and she was a bit of a celebrity as full knee replacements were still somewhat of a rare procedure and rehabilitation protocols were still being developed.  We took a very passive approach to rehabilitation, not surprising as a knee replacement was a major surgery and the conventional wisdom was to go slow and allow for plenty of rest as the body healed itself from surgery.  

Joint Rehab Today 
For those of you reading this who have gone through a joint replacement you will know that things have changed significantly. Many individuals who undergo a knee or hip replacement today are shocked to find out that they are told to begin weight bearing almost immediately following surgery and the “let’s take it easy” approach has been replaced by a “use it or lose it” philosophy.

Joint Rehab at Harry Jerome
Our Joint Rehabilitation Program at Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre is based on the get active and ‘use it’ philosophy. The program is designed to follow the rehabilitation programs set up in the hospital following surgery.  We typically see individuals 6-10 weeks after their joint replacement surgery and more recently we are also working with individuals prior to surgery.  Studies are showing improved surgical outcomes for individuals who have been active prior to surgery and have not allowed their muscles to deteriorate as their joint pain progressed.  

We require a referral form from the hospital (Lions Gate hospital has them) or a doctor/physio referral.  On the first session the client is met by one of our Kinesiologists who will design a program to meet your needs.  The program runs every Tuesday and Thursday from 1-3pm and is staffed by Kinesiologists who help guide clients through their program and make needed changes as the muscles and joint become stronger.  The program is included in our NVRC Fitness Membership; the only additional cost is $52 for the initial program intake session which lasts about 1hour.

Program Benefits
Having a joint replaced, while much more common nowadays, is still a major surgical procedure and can be scary.  Our program at North Vancouver Recreation & Culture is designed to give you guidance through your rehabilitation process while providing additional physical, mental and social benefits.  As one client of mine recently pointed out, “I feel so happy that this program is in place because I am exercising with individuals who have experienced what I have gone through and it is fun”.  The guidance from our instructors and our connection to the hospital and outside medical practitioners ensures we are all working as a group to maximize the recovery process and get you back into a healthy active lifestyle.

Want more information?
If you would like more information about the Joint Rehabilitation Program at Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre, please contact Fitness Centre Supervisor, Rob Wynen at 604-983-6406 or by email at or visit our health management and rehab webpage.



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