Personal Fitness Training Day Two: Finding my Groove

This post was written by Kari B. Tue, 10/11/2022 - 12:28 in Fitness, Health & Wellness
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Let’s face it, walking into a gym can be intimidating.  I felt it on Day One because I didn’t know exactly what to expect.  But Day Two, one week later, was smoother when I met up with Rob, the Fitness Centre Supervisor at Harry Jerome.  

First, we caught up on my homework.  Although I aimed for two, I wasn’t in a lot of trouble for only fitting in one additional workout last week (phew!).  In this week’s session, we added some new activities like bench press, lunges with free weights and the--always fun-- plank.   
Surprising to me, the fitness centre was quite busy on a Friday at noon.  As I looked around at the clientele, I realized we all have something in common: we’re investing time in ourselves.  I pondered how long everyone has been visiting and what it takes to make such a lifestyle commitment last long term.  How do you find a groove and stick with a fitness program? 

#1.  Do what you like to do
Or maybe (as in my case) do what you dislike least.  
I believe that planning a routine with options is key.  During my quick tour of the facility this week I discovered that Harry Jerome has four different fitness rooms with a variety of equipment.  This gives me lots of possibilities.  Since I’m not a fan of running, I prefer the elliptical machine over a treadmill.  If I want to mix it up, I can swap in the spin bike.
Go for your favourites or you’ll dread coming to the gym.  

#2. Get educated training
I made the decision to use a trainer because I wanted to work out correctly.  Anyone can hop on a machine, but are you truly benefitting your body?  Rob is helping me develop an effective routine I can use on my own.  

Bonus points:  All NVRC Supervisor staff have degrees in Human Kinetics and years of experience.  Individuals who have gone through joint replacement or have other issues, are often referred to NVRC for rehabilitation.  Who knew?
Luckily, I’ve have never had any serious sports injuries or mobility issues.  But with such educated staff, I’m confident in what I’m learning. 

#3.  Feel comfortable at the gym
If you join a gym where you feel out of place, you’ll likely stop coming.  It reminds me of that commercial with the scrawny guy in the muscle gym.  The first thing I noticed about this facility was its diversity.  It’s a community gym full of a wide range of people of different ages, backgrounds and fitness levels. No one looks out of place and I certainly feel at ease.  If you’re shopping for a gym, be sure to test the comfort factor. 

So training Session Day Two is complete and I’m getting the hang of this.  I’m feeling more confident.  My upcoming 6:45 am Tuesday workout is on my calendar and I have my takeaway sheet to remind me what to do.  Can’t wait for that alarm! (Half kidding.)

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