Read why Amanda loves being a swim instructor and lifeguard

This post was written by Anne R. Aug 20, 2018 in Profiles, Swimming

Amanda first fell in love with swimming as a toddler playing in Shuswap Lake and then later during lessons at her local community centre in Kamloops.  She also loves people and working as part of team, which makes her well suited to be a full time supervisor at Karen Magnussen Wave Pool.

After finishing her degree in Communications with a minor in Business and Political Economy, Amanda chose to return to lifeguarding four years ago when she joined NVRC.  Most recently she’s been working as a lifeguard and swim instructor and now is excited to be starting full time in a role she really enjoys.

Working as a Team
Here at NVRC, Amanda has made a lot of memories and a lot of friends with the people she works with.  The team environment and support her lifeguards provide makes working together a great experience.  She’s learned so much about teamwork and leadership through her supervisory work.  She believes great teamwork comes from strong relationships, good communication and the ability to both have fun while always being ready to handle serious and challenging situations like incidents requiring first aid.

Amanda’s favourite times at NVRC have been the annual lifeguard competitions. She enjoys being around all the aquatic staff from across the organization and having the opportunity to freshen up on skills including first aid and lifesaving. And of course, she loves the team building that goes on at the competition.

The Best Reward
Amanda has really enjoyed seeing kids get comfortable in the water and progressing with their swimming skills. She remembers one five year old she taught private lessons to. At first the child wouldn’t put her face in the water.  Amanda’s lessons helped her to grow comfortable in the pool and learn to love swimming. After two years of lessons, she announced to Amanda, “I think I’ve grown out of this pool (Karen Magnussen wave pool)”.  She was ready to try swimming in a larger 25 metre pool.

More about Amanda
When asked what people might not know about her; Amanda revealed she ran the BMO marathon when she was 21.  Oh, and she mentioned that most people don’t know that her last name is pronounced “Haymer-Jackson” not “Hammer-Jackson”.  When not working, Amanda stays active swimming, running, playing soccer and exploring the North Shore mountains on challenging hikes.  She can also be found taking in live theatre down at Granville Island.


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