Top Tips for Tennis Registration

This post was written by Garrett S. Aug 09, 2017 in General, Tennis

With the North Vancouver Tennis Centre being the central hub for public tennis on the North Shore, competition for space in our programs can be fierce. Here are some valuable tips that can give you a leg up on registration, so that you can ace all of your serves!

1.    Get assessed by our top level professional tennis staff

Anyone wishing to register in a program above the 2.5 level at NVTC will need to be assessed and given a Performance on Demand rating. Ensuring all players have an up-to-date rating maintains our excellent standards of play in all of our programs.

Our assessment service is free! Simply call our front office (604-983-6483), or stop by the centre to book an assessment time. You will be given a 15 minute assessment from a member of the highest certified coaching staff in Western Canada! Take advantage of their feedback to take your game to the next level!

2.    Choose the Method of Registration that Works Best for You!

There are many ways to register! Whether you are at home, at work, or on the go, there is a method of registration that will work for you: 

  • Online at through our eReg system. This allows for quick and easy registration from the comfort of your laptop.
  • In person at the North Vancouver Tennis Centre. Registration begins at 7:00 am on the morning of registration day. Lines are usually small, and registrations are quick.
  • Over the phone by calling 604 983 6483. We are staffed with several registration agents who are more than happy to serve you!

3.    Place a Credit on your NVRC Account Before Registration Day

On the morning of registration day, every second counts. Programs at NVTC can fill within minutes, so why waste precious time entering your Credit Card information online?  Call or visit any Front Office to credit your NVRC account with the appropriate funds for your registration. This allows you to skip the payment step online, and register for your desired programs even faster!

4.    Know Your Codes!

There are several ways to get information on which Tennis courses will be available on registration day. You can use our “Find a Program” feature on, you can pick up one of our lovely leisure guides, or tennis-specific brochures are available at the North Vancouver Tennis Centre. One of the benefits of visiting the centre to get brochures is that you can use our tennis and front office staff’s expert knowledge on NVTC’s programs.

Once you have found the courses that work for your level and schedule, record your barcodes so that you can access them quickly on registration day.

5.    Don’t Close the Window! 

With hundreds of tennis players eagerly trying to register for their desired courses online on registration day, sometimes web registrations may take a couple of minutes longer than normal. The best course of action to take when you encounter a slow computer is to wait! Closing your browser window before the transaction completes will cause you to lose the registration you woke up so early for!

Registration for fall junior tennis programs begins on Wednesday, August 9 at 7:00am.
Registration for fall adult tennis programs begins on Thursday, August 10 at 7:00am.

For more information on registration, call us at 604-987-PLAY (7529) or visit our website.


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