Why Skate Instructors Love their Job!

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Thomas - Head Skate Instructor

Thomas has always loved skating.  Ever since he first put on a pair of skates he’s loved being on the ice.  And now Thomas gets paid to do what he loves!  As the Head Skate Instructor at North Vancouver Recreation & Culture (NVRC), Thomas is busy teaching classes, recruiting and training other instructors and coordinating all the Learn to Skate programs at NVRC.

What does he love most?  He loves teaching kids because it’s fun! And he enjoys getting to know his community.  He often runs into kids and families at the local mall and the kids are always super excited to see him. Thomas also loves being part of team and working with great people. 

He’s also learned great leadership and customer service skills being part of the skate program which helps hundreds of people of all ages learn to skate very year. He’s grown a lot from the responsibilities that come along with being an instructor and from teaching at the annual instructor school - he just keeps on becoming a better teacher.

Thomas also appreciates the flexibility and benefits of the job.  It’s the ideal part-time job.  He’s been able to arrange his schedule so he can go to University in the morning and teach in the afternoon.  When asked about other benefits of working as a skate instructor Thomas said, “You get really good working with kids and teaching builds patience and understanding.” 

He knows that a lot of instructors go on to pursue degrees in education, health services and recreation. He himself is taking Criminology at Simon Fraser University.  But he’s holding on to his skating instructor gig for as long as he can, “I just love teaching – it’s so much fun!”

If you or someone you know has a passion for skating and is interested in becoming a skate instructor, contact Karen Schofield at 604-983-6557 or email her.  

Find out more about employment and volunteer opportunities with North Vancouver Recreation & Culture on our website at nvrc.ca.

A little bit more about Thomas...

Thomas has worked for NVRC for four years and currently teaches Learn to Skate Lessons, Hockey for Fun, Tiny Tot Hockey, Inline Lessons, Inline Hockey Classes, Tiny Tot Floor Hockey,  He’s also led Inline Hockey and Swim Camps, Sport and Swim Camps, Outdoor Adventure Camps, and Tiny Tot Soccer. He’s been playing hockey since he was 5 years old, participated in Hockey for Fun at Karen Magnussen. 

What inspired you to work with NVRC and become an instructor? 
Always seeing the instructors around the rink, and having fun while they work. I thought it would be an awesome job to have, and it is!

What do you enjoy about teaching? 
Seeing a child realize they actually can do something they originally thought they could not. Seeing the kids having fun playing games on the ice, and seeing how proud they are when they accomplish a difficult skill. 

What recreation and culture activities do you enjoy? 
Playing Ice and Inline Hockey, playing tennis, fishing in the summer, skiing in the winter.

What’s one of your favourite books, TV shows or movies?
Hockey Night in Canada, Bones



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