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The Benefits of Art and Music on Dementia

How art and music slow mental decline and improve quality of life
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Fitness, General, Health & Wellness, Mental Health

Exercise for Better Sleep and Improved Health

Why we sleep better when we exercise and how to improve sleep habits
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North Van
Family, General, Health & Wellness, Hiking, Parenting

Try a Staycation this Spring Break

12 tips for planning a fun and relaxing staycation
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Fitness, Health & Wellness, Outdoors

A Walk A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Tips to boost your walking program
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Fitness, Sports

Pick up Pickleball

Why everyone should try this fun sport!
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Kids playing
Family, Fitness, Health & Wellness, Parenting, Play

Boost Your Children’s Brainpower with Exercise

Read the research - plus tips on how to encourage physical activity
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Fitness, Health & Wellness

6 Low Impact Exercises that Benefit your Heart

Celebrate Heart Month with these great exercise ideas
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