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Belly motion
Arts, Fitness, Health & Wellness

Why I love my Belly Motion class

Learning to belly dance and strengthen my body is a great work out!
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Women with weights
Fitness, General, Health & Wellness

Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

Advice from a personal trainer
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Tracking fitness
Fitness, Health & Wellness

Track your exercise to help you achieve your fitness goals

5 ways to track your progress
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Family, Health & Wellness, Seniors

3 Physical Activity Goals for Active Ageing

Find out how you can feel strong and healthy throughout your life
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Fitness, Health & Wellness, Mental Health

The health benefits of being physically active

The benefits go way beyond weight loss
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Fitness, Health & Wellness

How to Overcome the Top 5 Barriers to Exercising

Tips for making them a non-issue
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General, Health & Wellness, Mental Health

What Are Your Goals for 2019?

How to set, stick to, and succeed with your New Year goals
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