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kids hiking
General, Health & Wellness, Preschool

Exploring Nature’s Playground: Hiking with kids

Tips for making it a great and safe experience.
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Thumbs Up Cafe

How one family is connecting with community at the Thumbs Up Café

The lobby cart at Karen Magnussen serves more than just food
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5 Ways Kids Benefit from Spring Break Camps

Read one Mom's reasons for enrolling her kids in camp
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man holding apple
Health & Wellness, Mental Health, Nutrition

How Practicing Mindfulness Can Improve Your Health

Learn tips for exercising and eating mindfully
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Child eating
Health & Wellness, Nutrition

Feeding Picky Eaters

Learnings from a talk by Public Health Dietician, Helen Yeung
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Health & Wellness, Nutrition

Why Breakfast Makes You a Champion

Good reasons not to skip your morning meal
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girls with grit
General, Health & Wellness, Play

How to give our girls the tools they need to be happy and healthy

Girls with Grit: Yoga + Mindfulness +Soul-Resilience for Girls 8-13yrs
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