Abstract / Realism Exhibition

This exhibition challenges twelve visual artists to create work in two opposing styles, requiring them to push their creative limits. Composing two works – one following a realist approach, and the other abstracted, using the same subject. All artists in this exhibition predominantly work in either abstract or realist styles. Some favouring to create compositions of abstracted form and colour, removed from exact representation. Others choosing to create work based in realism, creating accurate, representational depictions of their subjects and daily life. The concept behind Abstract / Realism is not only designed for artists. We all have a comfort zone that we like to inhabit, a place that is safe and familiar. This exhibition helps us look at what happens when we step out of the familiarity of our comfort zones and start to defy our personal norms. Through the act of painting in an opposing style to what they are used to, each artist in this show is facing their fears, entering the unknown, and displaying work that will be unfamiliar and potentially unrecognizable to their captive audience. Stepping out of our comfort zone allows us to embrace the new, display our vulnerabilities, and face potential failure, but, also transition and transform.

Saturday, July 21, 2018 - 12:00pm to 5:00pm
Abstract / Realism Exhibition ended.
CityScape Community Art Space
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