Per Diem: The Gerd Metzdorff Collection

Ranging from drawing, painting, photography, installation and sculpture, Gerd Metzdorff’s collection was drawn together over a period of more than thirty years. Originally derived from Metzdorff’s modest savings of the per diems provided to him by the airline where he was employed as a steward, he purchased work by some of the most important European and Canadian artists working today, often starting at the beginning of their careers and developing lifelong friendships with them. The collection is presented to the public for the first time at Griffin Art Projects. With the passing of this enigmatic and remarkable Vancouver-based collector who collected art beginning in the 1980s, and with more than 200 works to choose from, this stunning collection features luminaries such as Linda Benglis, Andy Warhol, Cindy Sherman, Donald Judd and numerous others.

The show runs February 4 to August 21, 2022