A Response to Place Exhibition

In ‘A Response to Place’, Ronna Ander, Anthea Cameron, and Carol Demers create an array of ceramics and 2-dimensional works inspired by the unique natural world of the North Shore. Cityscape Community ArtSpace will be transformed into an all-encompassing environment evoking the sensory experiences of forest and ocean and offering a reflection on the natural world.

The gallery will be divided into 2 visual moments, forest, and ocean. Step into the forest and immerse your senses with a 4 foot-high reimagined eagle’s nest. From there viewers will enter a calmer environment and be revived by the sculptural flow of the rhythmic ocean. The pieces on display will utilize all the gallery’s surfaces – mounted on the walls, suspended from the ceiling and nestled on the ground – where viewers will see tangible presentations of local natural elements transformed by 3 unique artistic visions.

Using clay, paint, pigments, paper, wire, and other materials, the artists explore the measured rhythms of nature. Through the processes of painting, mark-making, coil-building, burnishing, and weaving they will take the viewer through the transformation of raw materials towards a contemplative vision and connection to place.

Friday, April 22, 2022 - 9:00am to 5:00pm
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