Trust Your Intuition

Everyone has intuition, but how often do you listen to yours?

Learn about your inner GPS, dynamic energy, creative power, and using your intuition and communication with your spirit guides/angels to have a more balanced and fulfilling life. Topics: hope amidst life challenges, keys to finding your direction and life purpose, 4 ways you pick up impressions, and cycles of life Experience fun, insightful and practical techniques!

Speaker: Mandana Rastan, a North Vancouver resident and Speaker, Instructor, Certified Consultant and National Director with the Inner Peace Movement of Canada

Everyone welcome -- Bring a friend!

The Inner Peace Movement of Canada (IPM) is a community-based, personal development program with a focus on strengthening inner guidance, family relationships and greater service to the community.

An educational, non-profit organization, IPM gives people practical tools and techniques to find answers for themselves and to create the life they would like to have.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019 - 7:30pm to 9:00pm
Trust Your Intuition ended on Oct 08, 2019.
$ 21
John Braithwaite Community Centre