The Wolf Song Concert

Squamish Nation and the WVYB present: The Wolf Song Concert, a Cultural Collaboration

In a bridge created by music, we forge a new path of respect for the cultural heritage of our First Nations. Squamish Nation cultural adviser and performer Bob Baker has shared a piece of his oral tradition, the Wolf Song, with the West Vancouver Youth Band (WVYB) Symphonic Band and granted permission for that gift to be expanded into a large instrumental work, not only for our group to share, but once published, for young people worldwide to experience. In an initiative by WVYB Executive Director Douglas Macaulay, Bob Baker, cultural advisor of the Sp’akwus Slulem (Eagle Song Dancers) of the Squamish First Nation, has teamed with noted B. C. composer Robert Buckley and the WVYB, to transcribe and expand the Wolf Song, into a notated work for Symphonic Band. “We hope that this collaboration teaches our young people love and respect for all and helps to give them a deeper understanding and respect of our First Nations”, says Mr. Macaulay. The WVYB Symphonic Band will premiere the piece on Saturday, March 2rd, 2019 with Bob Baker, the Sp’akwus Slulem (Eagle Song Dancers) and special guests.

Saturday, March 2, 2019 - 7:30pm
The Wolf Song Concert ended on Mar 02, 2019.


Chief Joe Mathias Centre