New Programs This Fall

New Fall Programs

Our new Leisure Guide features lots of new and exciting programs and activities for you and your family and friends. 


Arts & Crafts Studio 7-12yrs

Bring your ideas to this studio class and explore a variety of mediums to create your own masterpiece. Each week our instructor will introduce a new skill or style to the class for 30 minutes. Then artists can work on a project of their own choosing for the remainder of the session with support and mentorship from the instructor. Artists are encouraged to evolve their projects over several classes adding details, layers or other complexities.
383584  Su   Sep 17-Oct 29  12:30-2:00pm 
383585  Su   Nov 5-Dec 17   12:30-2:00pm 
John Braithwaite, Art Studio

Little Artists 4-6yrs

Little artists will try drawing, painting, printing, pasting and more. Students are introduced to creative concepts such as colour, shade, tone, patterns and layers. The focus of this class will be on process allowing each child to express and explore their creativity.
383578  Su   Sep 17-Oct 29   9:30-10:45am
383579  Su   Sep 17-Oct 29   11:00am-12:15pm  
383580  Su  Nov 5-Dec 17  9:30-10:45am  
383581  Su  Nov 5-Dec 17  11:00am-12:15pm  
John Braithwaite, Art Studio

So WE Think You Can Dance! 13-16yrs

Learn dance basics while listening to the latest music. All styles of dance will be explored and students will learn about rhythm, use of space, posture and expression.
386085  Su   Sep 17-Oct 29    1:15-2:15pm    
387771  Su   Nov 5-Dec 17     1:15-2:15pm
John Braithwaite Community Centre  

Early Years

Flag Rugby 4-5yrs

Learn the basics of rugby in this fun, no contact and active program. Running, catching, passing, kicking and more. Program follows Canada Rugby's Rookie Rugby program, in partnership with Capilano Rugby Club.
385997  F  Sep 15 - Dec 15  3:30 - 4:15pm
Mickey McDougall Centre

ICanDance! GroovaRoo™ 3mos - 2yrs

Join the babywearing dance craze sweeping over North America! Soulfully dance away the 'baby blues' by connecting with yourself, your baby, partner and community. Super easy and super fun.
387164  Tu  Sep 19 - Nov 28  9:30 - 10:45am
387165  F  Sep 15 - Dec 1  10:00 - 11:15am
386159  Sa  Sep 16 - Dec 2  1:00 - 2:00pm


Barre Workout;

This is a full body, Pilates inspired workout, that utilizes the ballet barre for stability.  Improving tone, flexibility and postural alignment,this exercise will engage muscles you didn't even know you had! All levels are welcome.
388686  M Sep 18 6:15-7:15pm  $2 TRY IT 
388687  M  Sep 25-Oct 30  6:15-7:15pm
388688  M  Nov 6-Dec 4  6:15-7:15pm
John Braithwaite, Shoreline Room

Belly Motion

Designed for women of all ages, Belly Motion is a unique fusion of belly dance, ballet and relaxation. Each class consists of a gentle warm up, dynamic dance lesson, and calming stretching. This class offers many health benefits to women including improved posture, strengthening of pelvic floor muscles, fighting urinary incontinence and osteoporosis, and postpartum recovery.
389657  W  Oct 11  7:30-9:00pm  $2 TRY IT  
389658  W  Oct 18-Dec 6  7:30-9:00pm  $150
John Braithwaite, Shoreline Room

Move & Groove Youth Adapted Fitness Class

50 minute fitness class for youth and young adults aged 15-25
A fun and engaging way for youth who have disabilities to be physically active while connecting with their community and peers.   Participants must be able to participate independently or attend with a support person. 
Wednesdays starting Sept. 20th,  Delbrook,  7:10-8:00pm.  Drop-in only ($4.90) 
Questions? 604.983.6415


Explode into a new level of fitness with this fast paced TRX class which alternates 3 Tabata sessions for a cardio blast. The ultimate full body workout!
386602  Tu  6:40 - 7:40pm  Sep 12 - Oct 24
386603  Tu  6:40 - 7:40pm  Nov 7 - Dec 19
Ron Andrews, Fitness Studio

TRX Functional Balance & Core Training

Emphasis is on balance, and core; this will improve athletic ability as well as daily performance.  TRX suspension, Rip bar, Bosu, Wobble board and bands will be used.  
380925  Tu  5:30 - 6:30pm  Sep 12 - Oct 24
380926  Tu  5:30 - 6:30pm  Nov 7 - Dec 19
Ron Andrews, Fitness Studio

General Programs

Bricks 4 Kidz - Parents Night Out

While parents are enjoying an evening out, kids can have their own kind of fun! This program gives kids an hour of games and activities in the gym followed by a one hour & 45 minutes in the Bricks 4 Kidz program. 
Program runs 5:45 - 8:30pm on the following dates:
Sa  Sep 9
Sa  Sep 23
Sa  Oct 21
Sa  Nov 4
Sa  Nov 18
Sa  Dec 2
Sa  Dec 16
First child $25, Sibling $15
Register online

Urban Photography

Urban photography is a style devoted to capturing images within the confines of a city or urban environment: architecture, design, people, cityscapes and abstract urban details. All of these elements combine to produce a plethora of subject matter for today's street photographers. This course will appeal to local photo enthusiasts and artists who have an interest in urban photography and want to improve their photographic skills and vision, as well as share their work in a positive group environment. For details on the instructor's portfolio, please visit
386508 Sep 17-Oct 12    Su 10:30-12:30   Th 6:30-8:30pm
386511  Nov 19-Dec 14   Su 10:30-12:30   Th 6:30-8:30pm
John Braithwaite 


Flag Rugby Learn The Skills

Learn and practice the basics of Rugby in this fun, no contact, active program! Running, catching, passing, kicking andmore. Program follows Canada Rugby's Rookie Rugby program in partnership with the Capilano Rugby Club.
6-8yrs  386141  F  Sep 15 - Dec 15  4:15 - 5:15pm  
9-12yrs  386148  F  Sep 15 - Dec 15  5:15 - 6:15pm  


Youth Adapted Swimming Group

45 minute class for youth ages 12- 18
Designed for adapted swimmers who are looking to perfect swim strokes, build endurance, build self-confidence, increase their fitness and have fun.  Swimmers must be able to swim at least one stroke two lengths of the pool (50m) independently and work well in a 1: 4 ratio.
385007  M  Sep 18 - Oct 23  6:45- 7:30pm  $36.75
385008  M  Oct 30 - Dec 4  6:45 - 7:30pm  $44.10
Ron Andrews Pool




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