New Programs for Spring

School Age & Youth Programs

3D Sculpture & Paint 12-18yrs

Make funky art projects based on graffiti and street art in multiple mediums. We will cover various methods of making art; working with clay, painting with acrylics, collage, stencil making and more. No experience required. Bring your sense of fun and explore your creativity! All materials included.                                                                           
412883             Tu           Apr 9-Jun 4         5:30-7:00pm       $108 

Ballroom Dance Just for Kids

Learn Waltz, tango, foxtrot, Viennese waltz, Quickstep, Cha Cha, Samba, Paso Doble,
rumba, Jive. Dance styles will be taught with a basic routine. Throughout the classes
you will be building your skills. Starting with warm-up exercises and stretching, ballroom figures and steps, basic techniques, lead and fallow. improve your Physical fitness, social skills, balance and posture, awareness of music and rhythm, your self-confidence and teamwork. Taught by Kessa who is a Professional Ballroom Dancer and instructor in many styles of dance. 
Parkgate, Large Multipurpose Room
412524         Tuesday        Apr 9-May 14           4:00-4:45pm
412530         Tuesday        Apr 9-May 14          4:50-5:50pm

Club Mud  12-18yrs

Ever wanted to explore the amazing world of clay?  This is the class for you! We will cover various methods of making pottery, including hand building, wheel work and decorating.  Projects will be glazed and fired before taking home. No experience required. All materials included.
412897              Sa           Apr 6-Jun 1         6:00-7:30pm       $108 

Drop-in Girls Only Open Gym 8yrs+

Play basketball, volleyball or indoor soccer with your family & friends
Delbrook, Gym
Saturdays, 5:45 - 7:45pm
$2 Drop-in

Drop-in Indoor Soccer 8yrs+

Family members welcomed! Only half gym used.
Delbrook, Gym
Fridays, 5:45 - 7:45pm
$2 Drop-in 

Adult Programs

Adapted Yoga

Come and join a chair based yoga class for people experiencing mobility challenges, whether lifelong or newly acquired. This welcoming and supportive environment offers a safe class where every yoga pose can be adapted for your individual needs.  Enjoy breath based movement, focusing on what works in your body. The more relaxing end of class is offered in a chair or on a mat, your choice.
Everyone welcome, no previous yoga experience needed. 
For those who require 1:1 or specialized support, caregivers are welcome. Financial assistance may be available, please call 604.983.6415.
John Braithwaite Community Centre
414082          Th         Apr 18-Jun 13             5:00 - 6:00pm

Intro to Acrylic Painting 

Designed for those who have never painted before. Each week you'll work through a different component of a painting from colour mixing, values, composition, perspective to the last two weeks where you'll work on a complete painting incorporating all the components learned. (Roja A.)
Parkgate, Art Studio
414091         Tuesday        Apr 2-May 07          7:00pm-9:00pm

Drop-in Indoor Soccer 16yrs+

Bring your friends for organized soccer play.
Delbrook, Gym
Wednesdays, 5:45 - 7:45pm
$2 drop-in

Introduction to Martial Arts

This class is an introduction to martial arts with a focus on the Chinese branch. Through a set of warmups and stretching, we will discover basic concepts of martial arts and self-defense, learn basic kicks and punches, but furthermore applications from forms.
Delbrook Community Recreation Centre
413308                  Fr           Apr 26-Jun 28       10:40-11:30am       

Seniors Programs


Are you 65 or older? Wanting to get more physically active? Then ActivAge is for you. This fun and social program will get you moving in a relaxed and inviting class environment with likeminded people. Focus on improving activities of daily living and strengthening muscles used day to day.  This program will include discussions and handouts to help you improve your overall health and physical well-being.
Harry Jerome, Seymour Room
415425                M                  May 6 – Jun 24            1:00 – 2:00pm

Choose to Move

Are you 65 and older and looking for motivation to become physically active? Come learn about the Choose to Move program.  Choose to Move will help introduce the habit of physical activity into your daily life in ways that make sense for you. Choose to Move is free and flexible, and provides you with motivation and support to become more active. In Choose to Move, you receive both individual and group support. You will work with a trained activity coach to develop and stick to a physical activity plan made just for you.  
Harry Jerome, Mahon Room
Information Session
415423                 M                  May 6                          2:30 – 3:30pm
415424                 M                  May 20 - Jul 22        2:30 - 3:30pm







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