NEW Sewing for 9-14yrs

Young girl sewing

Sewing 101 for 9-14yrs

Make your own bag with a zipper, lining and handle. This project will give you many of the basic sewing skills needed to advance your creativity. You will learn to use a serger and sewing machine, attach a zipper, un-puzzle the order of construction, make straps, and be creative within the limits of a pattern.
Fridays, Mickey McDougall
Oct 18-Nov 15  5:00-6:00pm  course number: 20770
Nov 22-Dec 20  5:00-6:00pm  course number: 20868

Sewing Club Advanced for 9-14yrs  

Sewing club is a place to grow your sewing skills and make new friends. You can follow the projects the instructor, Kessa, bring to class or make up your own. There will be assignments available for all skills and interest. this class is for people with sewing experience.
Fridays, Mickey McDougall
Oct 18-Dec 20  6:00-7:30pm  course number: 20870  

Register online or call 604-987-Play (7529)

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